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Four Google Analytics Reports You Need to Make a PPC Campaign Successful


If you are an Internet marketeer and work in PPC, then you are most likely using Google Analytics. It is a powerful tool.

Google Analytics helps you understand where traffic comes from, how it behaves when it lands on your website, and provides other useful insights that can be crucial in helping and improving conversion rates. The tool is so vast that you can get easily lost if you do not know what you want from it.

The right way to use Analytics is to focus on reports that are essential for the success of your PPC campaign. Fortunately, only four reports are sufficient in most cases.

Organic Keyword Report

This report tells you what users entered in search box before coming to your website. This report is essential you can learn what keywords are bringing you the most traffic. You can optimize your content for those phrases to increase your conversion rates.

Traffic Source

This report can guide your PPC campaign in the right direction. Let’s assume you are a Canadian business. If this report shows that most of your visitors are coming from the U.S. instead of Canada, then you will know that it’s time to make changes into how your PPC campaign is run.


Though new data suggests that more people access Internet from mobiles than desktops, you can’t rely on broad figures. Devices tells you if most of your users are accessing your website from desktop computers or mobile devices.

Product Performance

Some products are more attractive than others. But you can’t rely on intuition alone. Product performance report tells you how your well products are selling compared to one another. Based on this information you can change your marketing strategies.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool. It can make your PPC campaigns more successful, even when you are looking at only four reports.
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