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Four Ways to Market Your Mobile Game


If choice is a big factor to go by, then there was never a better time to be a mobile game aficionado. Hundreds of games are being published on the App Store and the Play Store everyday. Mobile game development is already a multibillion dollar industry and its growth shows no signs of abating in the foreseeable future. But what is a boon for the average gamer is not necessarily positive trend for the typical Android of iPhone app developer.
As if coming up with a killer idea was not already hard enough, mobile game publishers are faced with a new challenge—how to get their games get noticed in the first place. Traditional marketing—fliers, television ads, and radio—is expensive and ineffective. And many publishers have little idea how they can use new tools to build a brand and increase sales. This blog offers a few tips.
Submit your game for reviews. It will be hard to convince a popular tech website to review your game, but you can be sure to garner quite a lot of attention if you can pull it off. A few words of caution here:  Genuine game review websites do not ask for money. If someone does, you better find another reviewer.

Submit your game to multiple stores. Do not limit yourself to the App Store or Play Store. Submit your app to Amazon, App Brain, Mobile Genie, and other similar websites.

Advertise on Facebook. The world’s largest social media network lets you showcase you app to people who are most likely to buy it. You may need the assistance of digital marketing professionals to market your app on Facebook for you.

Offer a Freemium. For good or for bad, internet has addicted many people to freebies. They will not pay until they are getting something for free. A way to reach out to those people is to offer a Freemium version of your game, let them become addicts, and then ask them for money.
As a game publisher, your job does not end with hiring an Android or iPhone app development company from India. Marketing your game is a part of the entire enterprise. Being an expert in making games go viral, Cogniter Technologies can help you make your game the next hit on the Play and App stores.
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