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Future of Digital Marketing: 4 Experts Share Their Predictions


If there is one thing about digital marketing that is constant, it is that it always changes. With new technologies and advancements, such as voice search, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality and facial recognition becoming popular, there is a lot to cope with for marketers in a short time span.
So, what does 2019 hold for digital marketers, and digital online marketing generally to match up with these emerging new tools and technology? 
Here we have collected the thoughts shared by industry experts from the marketing technology and industry community, and what marketers can take from their suggestions moving forward in 2019.

1) Audio, Video Search 

According to Brian Dean, Founder & CEO at Backlinko, Audio search is going to get bigger and Video search will be the next big thing in 2019 and beyond. 
It has been estimated that 50% of all searches will happen through voice searches within the next 2 years. As technology improves, people are going to type less and talk more.  
As far as video searches are concerned, Cisco reports suggest that 81% of all traffic will come through video by 2021. YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video platform, and now more and more people are producing videos for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as well. 

2) Mobile Search & Speed 

Barry Schwartz, Executive Editor at Search Engine Roundtable & News Editor at Search Engine Land advises digital marketers to make sure the mobile sites that develop are equivalent to its desktop site. Google launched their mobile-first index, which means Google will crawl on the web from a mobile phone perspective. 
Your website’s speed has a direct impact on your website ranking and as a matter of fact, it has an impact on your audience user experience as well. A bad UX can cost you a loss of revenue if your target has to wait too long to get what they are looking for. Everyone wants faster sites, so expect more of an emphasis on this.

3) Content Diversification 

Daniel Kempe, Co-Founder & CEO at Quuu.co says that content marketing is diversifying. It is no longer limited to articles or blog posts only, now it includes video, podcasting, infographics and more. Companies that provide digital marketing services will really need to adapt to this trend to stay in the game.  
We can witness larger companies hiring video producers and graphic designers to collaborate with their marketing teams.
4) Social Media Becoming More Human
Social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram are a place where people escape and discover new things, says Bryan Traficante, Founder & CEO at TrafMarketing. 
Posts that echo with the voice of viewers will attract viewers. It is necessary to add human and relate-able elements to your company that people can develop an emotional connection to. This will motivate many of the regular consumers of your content to stay in touch and even advocates for your company. This organic connection then also provides your company leverage for selling in the future because that connection you have built produces trust and rapport.


In Conclusion

2019 will be about better customer experience with personalization, more mobile-driven technology, so to stay ahead of the curve and increase conversions in the coming year. To achieve that your online digital marketing needs to get better at producing valuable, conversational content – particularly audio and video content to share with your better-targeted audience.

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