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How to Boost SEO with Social Media?


For businesses looking for solid online presence, it is not about choosing between social media marketing and search engine optimization. A carefully crafted digital marketing strategy involves both. Reputed professional SEO service providers use SEO to improve their presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms; and direct their social media campaigns to get higher rankings on Google, Bing,and other search engines. This blog is focused on part two. It touches on three social media strategies that successful marketeers use to boost SEO:


A multinational with a million likes on Facebook or a 100,000 followers on Twitter is almost sure to get more readers for its blog posts and visitors for its websites than a mom-and-pop store with only 100 likes or followers, a high number doesn’t guarantee more eyeballs.

Google and other search engines have gotten smarter at assessing the quality of followers. So to get the most benefit, a good strategy is to build likes and followers organically rather than purchase them.The process will be slow, but it will pay off handsomely in the long run.

External inbound links

Social media allows businesses to get more inbound links—which in Google’s language translates into more authority. A sound strategy is to publish high-quality content on company websites and blogs and then use social media channels as broadcast tools. Hashtags and participation in groups are two ways businesses can become an authority and increase the visibility of their websites.

Optimization of posts for searches

This little trick opens a secondary channel for search. Google favors popular social media updates. Though the improvement in ranking tends to be temporary, a business can earn a top rank by frequently updating high-quality content.
Increasing the number of quality followers, optimizing posts for search engines, and frequently updating content are three ways to optimize social media for SEO.
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