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How to Create a Successful Website that Keeps Customers Returning


During the last few years, social media has been gaining prominence in digital marketing. Twitter and Facebook are increasingly becoming crucial in online sales. This has lead a number of people to announce the end of the era of websites.
But is this claim premature?
Let’s try to find out.
More than a billion people use the internet everyday. In Britain alone, 36 million people turn to the internet every day. A shade less than half of them look for at least one product or service online.
Although many of them first discover products and services through social media, they ultimately land up on your website.
If your website is not designed with the customer in mind, or worse still, if it is non-existent, many of these people will walk away and do business with your competition. Even in this era of social media, websites matter a lot.
This blog suggests three ways to create a successful website that keeps the customers coming:
•               Design
When a person comes to your website, the first thing he or she notices is the design. It does not leave a good impression if your website has been poorly done. Websites that take a long time to load, or hard sell are annoying to the core. Create a website that appeals to visitors aesthetically, is easy to navigate, and does not try to hard sell.
•               Content
Even the prettiest images cannot keep the visitors engaged if they are not accompanied by words. Get high quality content written for your website, and update it at regular intervals. The content should be descriptive of your business and useful to visitors.
•               Hosting platform
An aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate design; coupled with informative content is ideal for only as long your website is accessible. Choose a web hosting service that provides you an extremely good (more than 99.99 percent) up time. After all, you would not want an error message to greet your visitors, instead of a working website.
The three ways to create a successful website that keeps customers returning is to focus on simple but aesthetic designs, emphasize quality content, and choose the right web hosting service.
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