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How to Find an Experienced IOS Developer?


You need three things to find an experienced iPhone app developer: 
(a)   A network of colleagues from IT sector
(b)   A little leg work
(c)   Posting ads online
Let’s deal with each of them one at a time.
(a)  A Network of People from IT
Start with asking people you know, especially if they are involved in either programming or IT in general.  Reach out to them, talk candidly about your requirements and ask them if they could match an experienced developer with your needs.
If you are one of those rare people who don’t know anyone in IT sector, then it’s time to build relationships. Go to LinkedIn, visit local programming workshops, and participate in programming forums to build a network of talented professionals who will help you build an app of your requirements.
(b)  A Little Leg Work
Let’s say you come across five iOS developers. How do you choose one? You can’t unless you know the basic concepts of iOS development. You can use this knowledge to evaluate and understand the complexity of work, create detailed and accurate job descriptions, and thereby choose a person who is qualified to handle that work.
(c)  Posting Ads online
You can find an experienced developer just by posting an ad on Craigslist. You can improve your chances by posting classified ads on reputed websites.
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