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How to Improve Website Performance in 2022?


In the highly-evolving digital marketing era, good website performance holds great importance. Generally, Website Performance consists of webpage loading speed and display content. All of such elements of website performance are linked to the best user experience and are a key to digital success.
On a general note, when we talk about website performance, everyone thinks about how fast a website loads? Thenceforth, webpage speed plays an integral role for every business website. Did you know a slow website can direct you towards several hassles? It includes; 
  • Low SERP ranking 
  • Conversions loss
  • Damage to Brand Reputation 
  • Poor customer satisfaction 
  • Shopping Card Evacuation
Before you get scared or ruin your website with the following errors, it's probably smart to find an accurate way to strengthen your website performance.

What infects your website Performance & how to fix it?

You will find tons of factors affecting website performance. Amongst, some errors might seem huge trouble, but they always come with their solutions too. 
Let’s take a look & strengthen your website performance to make it perform better! 

Role of Image Size in website Performance

Images are one of the important for better website performance. It is pretty simple as the larger your Image is, the heavier your web page, resulting in a long time to load. In the case of Images, Optimization can work for your website. 

Here are some Image Optimization guidelines to boost your website performance: 

  • Accurately crop Images that don’t exceed boundaries. 
  • Perform precise dimensions with Page Ruler. 
  • Suggests to sparingly use Images as the fewer Images consume less time to load. 
  • Usage of Image compression plugins and tools.
Alongside, one must also focus on the resolution, quality, formatting, and dimensions of the Image that aid your website to perform better.

Role of Webpage Size/Weight 

Did you understand the term page weight? If not, it refers to Webpage size that covers elements like documents, style sheets, and images. 
Webpage size holds a big share of website performance as it is responsible for webpage load speed on an audience screen. Therefore, it is crucial to develop an ideal web page size for your website. If you are thinking about the ideal webpage size, then it suggests 1MB as per Experts. 


Now, if your webpage size is larger than 1 MB, you should work on reducing it. There are the following tips that can prove helpful for you, including; 

  • Check-out unnecessary Plugins 
  • Integrate JavaScript & CSS 
  • Asset analyses that are weighing down your webpage 
  • Try to integrate Offsite video Hosting
  • Cut-down Geographical Limitation
Most of us consider geographical limitations is not a major issue. While it plays an integral role and majorly affects your website performance.
In case you are struggling to bridge the gap between the audience and your website, a CDN can prove helpful to speed your website up.
A CDN refers to geographically distributed servers group that are deployed in several data centers. It can provide content on multiple websites or applications. You can find some popular CDN such as Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon CloudFront. 


Whether eCommerce website or Blog, there is much more to a website than SEO or great content that is website performance. A website's performance leads to digital success that makes it simpler to rank and aids in keeping traffic on your website. 
Moreover, it also boosts SEO and helps keep your website at the top of rankings, and increases your overall conversions. 
If you want to improve your website performance, the professional Experts at Cogniter Technologies can perform an in-depth analysis of your website and provide you with the best solutions. For 18+ years, Cogniter Technologies is amazingly served worldwide businesses and helped them to succeed digitally. 
Get detailed insights about the best Digital solutions; check out today at https://www.cogniter.com/. 
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