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Invoke Graphic Design to Set Yourself Apart on Twitter


Graphic design has grown from a sidelined tool to a core marketing weapon in the space of a few decades. Early in the 20th century, marketeers needed graphic designers to complement a sales copy with pretty images. Today they need graphic designers for a whole array for goals, the most important of them being: getting recognized in a field full of competitors.

Set Yourself Apart from Competition

What is it that makes Macs stand out in a crowd of PCs, Pepsi differentiate itself from Coca Cola and McDonald’s becoming an instantly recognizable name in more than 100 countries? Apart from  products (which do matter in the long run), it is the logos, the design and how these products look that give them instant recognizability and much needed consumer attention. It was true a 100 years years ago, it is true now.

One way to set set yourself apart from other sellers it to focus only on your content. Another way is to push engaging content and build a brand with designs that reflect your values as a business.

Does it work?

Yes, it does. Research after research has shown that tweets with images are liked more and retweeted more often. Latest number suggest that the difference between the popularity of a text-only post on Twitter and a text plus professionally designed graphic post can be 150 percent (retweets) and 89 percent (favorites).

As you already know that “All kind of marketing is good, but positive marketing is even better.” Graphic design helps you market your product more and positively.

Cogniter Technologies' team of graphic designers creates Twitter-sharable images for businesses. You can look at their previous for here and contact us through his forum to learn how hiring them will help in the growth of your business.
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