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Mobile App Marketing and Work from Home

FRIDAY, MAY 01, 2020

People are spending a lot more time using apps amid the COVID-19 lockdown around the world. The increasing spread of COVID-19 pandemic might have affected a string of businesses across the world, but it has boosted the demand of mobile app marketing.  
The present situation has forced people to stay at home and for businesses to  run remotely. Hence, as a result, app marketing has gained momentum with a global increase in both app installs and revenue. 
Media streaming apps have topped list, having the maximum downloads worldwide. Apps related to health and fitness, education, and gaming have also gained in terms of in-app revenue, respectively. At the same time, the contagion pushed the use of remote working tools, primarily providing a common global communication platform.

How Can A Mobile Workplace App Help Boost Remote Working? 

With significant increase in work from home practices all around the world, businesses have shifted to the remote work setting as the outbreak grew in intensity and reach. One of the main problems we often face with clients in remote working configurations is the communication gap between remote employees and their managers. 

The most common problems we experience are:


Unable to reach each other fast enough

Unable to share work on time

Unable to capture critical information in conversations causing redundant follow-up emails 

Companies are turning to mobile apps to solve these critical communication issues between managers and their remote team members. Remote working apps allow smooth collaboration amongst different departments of an organization that further improve workflow and provide relevant and timely customer information, giving them the ability to resolve customer issues more efficiently.

Significance of A Mobile App Marketing Agency

An ideal mobile app should enable remote employees to do their job more efficiently and with greater security, and if you have created such an app, you need a reliable app marketing strategy to attract the right audience. 
Mostly, users prefer the app store to find the app they need or want to try out. There is a high probability that most of them may not even know the name of your app, and they will randomly search for the functions and features your app has. A reputable Mobile App Marketing Agency can help you set up and maintain your top rank in search listing by applying their well-calculated app store optimization services. It will make it easy for your users to find your app when they need it on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
Those that make the mistake of not hiring a professional service when it comes to representing their apps are going to miss this opportunity for their business to bloom. They may find themselves left behind, in the wave of digital transformation.

In Conclusion

It is clear from above that mobile apps successfully streamline business operation, increase employees’ productivity, and help alleviate the frustration of employees working in isolation. 
Despite the current situation, businesses are trying their best to focus on the bright side and continue to work as best as possible. However, this could also be an opportunity to grow and improve as a team by investing something that will yield better results in the future as well. Mobile app marketing is one of them. 
Cogniter Technologies, a renowned digital market company, offers your mobile app based business, cost-effective, innovative mobile app marketing services and helps you increase the visibility of your app. Contact us & get a quote today!

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