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Mobile Game Marketing Strategies That Are Working in 2019


Mobile gaming in India and globally is growing in popularity by leaps and bound. Today, from toddlers to senior citizens, all can be seen glued on their smartphones and playing games. 
One of the major reasons that mobile gaming is flourishing because they require less time for their development, are cost-effective and have brighter chances of getting utilized by more people. As a result, the mobile gaming industry becomes a center point for businesses to invest their money in and with that competition rises as well. 
In this situation, you have got to stand out from the crowd to attract your potential audience. Check out the top 3 mobile game marketing strategies that will help you out in 2019. 

Provide a Glimpse on YouTube

People like to have a sneak peek on anything new coming on any media. Moreover, people will not invest their money on something they haven’t seen in action and no having any idea what you are offering. It is crucial to offer a preview or trailer of your mobile game on YouTube as a part of your mobile game marketing strategy. It is the most-watched social media platform allowing your mobile game to be seen by a maximum number of eyes. 

Utilize Influencer Marketing  

Influencers rules video and streaming platforms, specifically YouTube and Twitch. Gamers, who are famous on YouTube have a loyal audience that is millions in numbers. When they mention your game, their viewers would take gaming recommendations from them in a heartbeat. Not only gaming influencers, but influencers with a huge audience from any niche can be your ticket to get the best exposure to your game. 

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization allows more and more people to find your gaming app in the app stores. The more people come in contact with your gaming app, the more they will install or play. A good ASO strategy will make it possible for your mobile game to rank number one in the app store and increase its chances of being featured. ASO involves including all the factors that are in sync with the behavior of your online audience. It helps find out who is your ideal audience and how to attract and retain them.

The Bottom Line  

If you executing all of these three mobile game marketing strategies effectively then you are set to gain more players. But always be prepared for any surprises and adapt according to the situation every time you launch a marketing campaign. Like other marketing strategies, it also needs a timely evaluation of its overall result depicting its progress or any drawbacks. It will give you a clear idea of which strategies are working best and which needs improvement.
If you need a helping hand to market your mobile gaming app, Cogniter Technologies is here to help. We are a leading Game Development Company in India and have created and marketed award-winning mobile gaming apps. Get in touch at info@cogniter.com
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