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Mobile Gaming in India:5 Amazing Facts You Should Know!

MONDAY, JUNE 08, 2020

From the old green and black pixel games to VR gaming, the mobile gaming industry in India has come a long way. With popular mobile games like Real Cricket 14 and Teen Patti, mobile game development companies in India have made a decent place for themselves in the gaming industry.
Did you know that there are about 137.5 million mobile gamers in India? This number is expected to surpass the 170 million mark by the year 2022. Here are the top 5 amazing facts about mobile gaming in India that’ll surely make you say “Wow!!”:

1. A $970 Million Industry

According to Statista.com, in 2019 the total revenue generated by mobile gaming in India was around $970 million. This makes the average revenue generated from each user to be $8.88. And the best part? This number is all set to reach $1,221 million in 2020! That’s a +25.8% yoy.

2. An Indian Mobile Gamer Spends Over an Hour Each Day Playing Mobile Games!

According to a report, mobile gaming in India has reached a mark where three out of four Indian mobile gamers spend over 60 minutes each day playing mobile games. This simply means that the reach of mobile games in India is increasing day by day. 

3. 5th Largest Mobile Gaming Industry Globally

Surpassing countries like the UK and Russia, mobile gaming in India was ranked 5th in the world. With a whopping 64% growth since 2016, Indian gamers are now on the global map. Thanks to the games in categories like card games and casino, mobile gaming in India is all set to rank higher in the coming years.


4. PUBG, India’s Favorite Mobile Game Earns $7-8 Million a Month in India!

The most played mobile game in India, PUBG made around $7-8 million each month in 2019. And the best part? This number is only from the revenue generated by selling in-game character skins. These in-game add-ons don’t make a single difference in the way the game runs, but still, this number is a proof of the popularity of mobile gaming in India.

5. 84% of Smartphone Owners in India Have Games in their Smartphones

This number seems a lot when we keep the population of India in consideration. Game development companies in India very well know that mobile gaming is the need of the hour. And to top, it all, around 37% of mobile gamers have at least 3 mobile games in their smartphones. 


The popularity of mobile gaming in India is increasing tremendously. Mobile gaming is leading the overall gaming market of India, mobile game development companies in India have a very bright future.
Here at Cogniter Technologies, our team of expert game developers use cutting edge technologies like Xcode, Cocoa Touch, SpriteBuilder, and so on to create the best mobile games for our clients.
Got any queries? Reach us at info@cogniter.com and let us help you create your dream mobile game.
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