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Online Reputation Management: Top 6 Trends To Follow In 2020


Whether you are running a successful business or just started your journey, your success is primarily based on your online reputation, which you can’t afford to ignore in 2020. 
Around 70% of the population is using at least one social media platform, and they are forming an opinion about you or your business before even coming in contact with you. Hence, it is crucial to take a minute to google yourself or your business and get to know what people think about it.  
If you are aware of how people perceive your image, then it becomes easy to take control and adopt a constructive strategy to refine your reputation online. Here are the top 6 trends that you need to follow in 2020 to prepare a strong reputation management strategy

1) Examine Your Name  

To build a positive online reputation, you need to know where you stand against your competitors and what exists about you online. If there is negative information affecting your status online, then the chances are that people, including your potential buyers, are watching that too. First of all, identify and evaluate all the links containing information about you, which may be harmful, positive, or neutral and then pick one by one to improve them accordingly. When evaluating, consider the first five pages of search results.   

2) Build Social Profiles Early 

Claiming your social space as soon as possible is a vital part of your online reputation (ORM) strategy development. Many other businesses offer the same services as you and are ready to use your name for their benefits. Registering your profiles at the early stage can prevent the confusion of owning a name or the domain, even if you do not plan to use them immediately.
Having your domain name in your possession allows you to have control over them, and also it can serve to benefit you in the future. 


3) Strengthen Your Personal Brand 

Represent your personal brand in a way how you want people to see you. Provide information about your brand that exemplifies your brand, choose profile pictures and themes that define you accurately. When establishing your personal brand, reflect on the areas of expertise, and find ways to establish yourself as an expert. It will help you to generate much more positive content, which can be a massive boost for your online reputation. Also, please do a thorough research on other providers who specialize in similar areas and learn from their methods. 
When it comes down to online reputation management, don’t provide any opportunity to let someone tarnish your reputation. Use the suggestions shared above to protect it. We will share more tips in the next blog. 
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