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Online Reputation Management Part-2: Top 6 Trends To Follow In 2020


It has been reported that about 94% of customers admitted that negative review of a brand affected their choice to not work with that particular business. That shows how crucial is your online business reputation management for your business.
Whether you are aware or not, your business will attract positive or negative reviews online.  Here, all you need is to learn how to respond to the criticism. It is important that you react to these comments in a timely and calculated manner, because this is the only way you can effectively protect your online reputation.
In the last blog, we discussed three trends that can strengthen your present online reputation management strategy. Other three trends to follow are as below:

4) Respond to Negative Reviews Quickly

Once you understand the issue surrounding the negative review, your next immediate action step includes responding. While responding, show empathy towards customers. Many renown brands have made this a trend to reply to the negative reviews with full enthusiasm, which has benefitted their reputation. Engaging with your customer is the key. But that also doesn’t mean starting an online war. You can opt for replying privately, if you think you are not at fault. This way you can clear your side and deal with the customer’s concern as well.

5)  Encourage Positive Feedback 

Brands are now promoting the reviews of those customers who had a good experience using the services. Businesses ask the happy customers to share their positive reviews on their social media channels or publish on their websites. This way you can neutralize the negative reviews and can show new customers that there are people who have benefitted by your services.
You may need to push your customers a little to put a review about their positive reviews but do not force them to do it. Here, also keep that in mind to not influence them to write only positive things, but put the honest version.

6) Boost Video Content

In 2019, you must have seen several ads and product reviews, however the trend would be different in 2020.
In 2020, refined video content marketing will be in demand. Specifically, personalized videos, data-first approach videos, longer videos, and 3-D videos will mainly capture the eyes of the viewer. Consumers now only react to the video content that is tailored to their specific needs and to which they find an emotional connection.
Whether the platform is YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook live, Video marketing will continue to be a fundamental factor in online reputation management strategy. Many brands have already embraced it as a marketing strategy.

To Sum Up

As we have entered in 2020, investing in a strong ORM Strategy Development, whether through content management, replying to reviews, social media or video content creation is the need of the hour. By getting familiar with the above trends, you can monitor and improve your online reputation and stay ahead of the competition.
Get in touch with us at info@cogniter.com and hire our Online Reputation Management Services that will help you drive in new clients, retain the ones you have, and optimize your online reputation.
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