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Pay Per Click (PPC) and Its Advantages


PPC is defined as "pay per click". It is a form of advertising model under which businesses pay an agreed amount when ever their displayed Advertisement is clicked by some one surfing the internet. 

Businesses usually setup their PPC campaigns with various service providers such as Google, Microsoft etc where they offer how much they are willing to spend for a click that they will receive.
When a keyword query matches an advertiser's keyword list, or when a content site displays relevant content then PPC ad is displayed.

Advertisers who bid more are generally given better positions in the listings but there are other factors as well which play an important part in deciding these listings. It differs from network to network. Some networks such as Google adwords even use history of the advertisers in order to decide which position they will get in listings other factors used by adwords are CPC (cost per click), ad relevancy, click through rate and daily budget.

When the PPC campaign is setup you actually can control the traffic. While a new website takes time to rank well in search engines, with PPC you can turn the traffic on and off. With PPC you can create almost instant traffic and control that traffic as per your budget. As organic takes a lot of work and time for your website to appear on top but PPC is instant way to promote your website by diverting huge traffic towards your website. 

In PPC a tem ROI is also matters a lot. It defines that how much you have invested in PPC campaign and how much return on investment you are getting. With the advancements it’s getting easier to track and control the campaigns. So the PPC optimization process needs very much expertise and experience which comes with time and work.

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