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SEO in 2022: Tips to Rank on Google


Google dominates the website market with more than 86 billion total monthly visits. That’s probably why every website and business owner dreams of achieving high rankings on Google.  
Unfortunately, achieving the top spot becomes challenging because millions and millions of websites compete with each other.  
So, what you need is a guide or blueprint that can help you find the way around search engine optimization.  
This article outlines the list of practical tips to outrank competitors and achieve #1 rankings. 

Harness the Power of On-Page SEO

Performing on-page SEO is, so far, the quickest way to boost rankings. First thing first, make sure to optimize the site around the target keywords. They are specific phrases or words that users search on the World Wide Web to consume information and make a purchase.  
Begin the site optimization process by making long-form content of more than 1800 words. Inserting the primary keyword at the beginning of the title tag can also make a huge difference. Sprinkle primary and secondary keywords a handful of times on the page.  
For finding LSI keywords, it is recommended to use the LSIGraph tool.  

Monitor Technical SEO 

All the SEO efforts can go down the drain when neglecting technical SEO. It is because Google bots crawl and index a website’s pages regularly. So, it is imperative to ensure that search engines find, crawl, and index webpages.  
Technical SEO includes, but is not limited to, checking all the links work perfectly, all pages are secure, all pages’ load fast, and no pages contain plagiarized content. Besides, having a professional, mobile-friendly website can help double website traffic because the use of smartphones has become more ubiquitous than ever.  
For a non-tech-savvy person, the SEO game may seem challenging but shouldn’t be so. Hiring an SEO marketing company is one of the best ways to get the best bang for the bucks when achieving higher Google rankings.  

 “E-A-T” More

Part of succeeding at SEO is making the website useful for bots and users. Google strives to provide users with the best experience. So, Google’s Search Quality Rater guidelines state the use of E-A-T to evaluate the overall quality of a webpage.  
Google E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trust. These are the three essential elements that Google considers to uplift a site’s ranking. Adding short author bios on the site is one way to show expertise. For authoritativeness, getting links from high-quality websites can make a huge difference. Ensure accurate, truthful, and useful information to stand out from the hordes of competitors.  

Utilize the Skyscraper Technique 

From increased traffic to improved sales, a business can fly high in the digital sky with search engine optimization. One can get ahead with the power of the good old Skyscraper Technique.
Not only does it help it gather more links, but the technique also helps boost the performance of the blog. With this technique, Brian Dean increased search traffic by 110%, and that too within 14 days. 

The Endnote 

Although there is no foolproof way to achieve #1 rankings on Google, the above-mentioned tips are highly useful for achieving higher Google rankings. There is an old age saying that the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google. It means that a business can lose a lot of traffic and revenue when ignoring SEO. So, it is best to hire SEO services from a reputed SEO agency to ensure high rankings. 
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