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Speed up your Website Loading Time with Google Speed Analyzer


Google has recently released a tool to measure web page speed Online, it is a tool from Google that examine your web page for loading speed problems and gives you tips on how to velocity it up. You can reach it at: https://pagespeed.web.dev/

The new software is fairly simple. All you need to do is enter your web page and it will give you a listing of actions you need to take to speed up your web page. The suggested actions are placed substantial, moderate and low to learn effectively for you to identify which ones are more essential.

When you enter the website URL in the search bar and click the Analyze button it measure the website loading speed and also provide the suggestions to improve up its speed on three priority options. These are listed as:

High Priority: These recommendations characterize the greatest potential efficiency benefits for the least development effort. You should deal with these things first to improve the loading speed of the website.

Medium Priority: These recommendations may characterize smaller benefits or much more work to use. You should deal with this item next.

Low Priority: These recommendations characterize the tiniest benefits. You should only be concerned with these things after you’ve managed the higher-priority ones.

We’ve all used other velocity examine tools before but Google’s new velocity examine has 1 element the others don’t have; you can also examine your mobile web page efficiency also. With the mobile web page velocity examine, you get a new listing of actions you need to take to velocity up for the mobile version of your site.

As the page loading speed matters a lot for both users and crawlers in SEO, so to provide better SEO marketing services this tool will be very useful.
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