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Three Changes to Define SEO in 2015


SEO is constantly changing. In 2014 alone, there were 13 big updates to the Google’s search algorithm. In addition to that there were many minor changes which never found a place in headlines.
All these updates mean that business who performed well on local internet marketing in 2014 cannot sit idle next year. They will need to continue work on SEO to maintain their edge and to this end they may need assistance from professional SEO services.
In this blog, Cogniter Technologies offers a rundown of three major changes that will affect the field of search next year.  Read on to find what 2015 holds for your online business and how to prepare:
Mobile traffic
Twenty-fourteen was a watershed year for mobile traffic. More people now access the internet from their phones than from desktops. It is time you invest in a mobile-friendly website, if you have not, because Google and Bing have already mentioned their preference for webpages that can be viewed conveniently from smartphones.
Bing, Yahoo and others
Twenty-fifteen can be the year when Google loses its nearly complete monopoly over search market and other search engines begin to claim more share. Firefox has replaced Google with Yahoo as the default search engine. Internet Explorer uses Bing as default. Safari may be on its way to end its partnership with Google in 2015. Cogniter Technologies is not saying that Google will lose its position. It will remain the dominant player 2015, but other search engines will begin to matter more.
Return-on-investment (ROI)
Emphasis on search engine rankings, which have defined so much of SEO so far, is a thing of the past. 2015 may be the year when businesses finally begin to realize that instead ROI matters more than ego-boosting search rankings on useless keywords.
Emphasis on ROI and mobile traffic and inclusion of alternative search players in SEO will be three trends that will define search in 2015. Cogniter Technologies is well prepared to adapt to these changes and capitalize on them to grow your business.
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