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Top 3 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2019


Businesses today are focusing a great deal on creating unique, engaging and relevant content.  
But, why content marketing is so popular?
It is because content marketing is the most effective way to get leads. Despite the fact that content marketing has a great scope to make a business successful, many marketers are still struggling to find out where their marketing strategies are going wrong and commit minor to major content marketing mistakes. 

Therefore, if you want to make your business profitable in 2019, make sure you are not committing theses 3 content marketing mistakes: 


Mistake 1: Not Targeting the Right Audience

If you don’t know who really your customers and clients are, there is a huge possibility that your content marketing strategy is going to fail. You need to observe and segment your audience on the basis: 
Those who don’t know that they need you
Those who need you but don’t know that you exist
Those who need you, also know you but they are not sure about you
Those who need you, knows about you, want to do business with you, but just need more convincing, or maybe more education.
These are different audiences and you need to create content targeting them. Only then your content strategy will go on the right direction and will achieve defined results. 

Mistake 2: Not Having the Right Content Strategy

If you are simply publishing content thinking that it will improve your search engine rankings then you don’t really have a content marketing strategy in place. 
Having the right content strategy means knowing why you are publishing particular content, whom you are targeting, and what the intended result is. Therefore, before making any content strategy for your business make sure you:
Know your goal
Know your audience
Select an appropriate channel
Target the location
Create a relevant message
Connect at the right time 
So, once you have figured out these requirements to your content marketing strategy, just start working on your content plan and execute it properly.

Mistake 3: Mixing up Content Marketing and SEO

Most of the major SEO companies and organizations have turned to content marketing because content marketing leads to better SEO.
Here, you need to understand that if you put SEO first, neither your search engine rankings improve, nor you get more business. So, put people first. Write, create and publish content that is useful and relevant to your customers and you will automatically improve your search engine rankings.
In fact Google keeps changing its algorithm in a way that its entire ranking system is based on the type of content you create and most importantly how people are interacting with your content. Write for customers not for just to gain rankings, if you want long lasting results. 

In Conclusion 

A good content strategy can transform your business significantly provided you are not committing these most common mistakes when it comes to content marketing in 2019 and save your business taking any avoidable risks.
Cogniter can assist you to develop a content marketing strategy, execute a targeted campaign, and provide consultation to your staff to establish a seamless editorial process. All you have to do is to contact us at consultation@cogniter.com to discuss your project. 
You can also avail our blogger outreach services to grow your online audience and build your business reputation.   
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