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Top 3 Things to Consider When You Hire a Kentico Development Company


Kentico is an Enterprise CMS that is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are more than 1100 Kentico solution partners across the world, making it difficult to assign their projects to someone sitting in a different part of the world.
Latest developments in Content Management Services sector has shown the number of companies investing in digital marketing has substantially increased. And, with the release of Kentico 8 and the 8.1 upgrade, more enterprises are opting for this platform or switching from other CMS to Kentico.
Looking at the demand of Kentico, it becomes important that you have the knowledge to distinguish between a professional Kentico developer and a company that provides Kentico development services or just another project-hunter. 


The Qualities of a Reliable Kentico Services Provider you need to keep in mind: 


1) Check If They Have Solid Credentials 

Since Kentico is built on the .Net framework and comes with highly customizable and scalable benefits; some offshore service-providers think that their team of developers can easily handle a project even without any specialization in Kentico. This takes a toll on their partnership with their client at a later stage.
You can check the credibility of the company pitching for your project from their portfolio. Also, you can get the required assurance by reviewing the feedback of their clients.  
If any company claims of handling numerous projects on Kentico, you must check the type of projects they have worked on. 

2) Reliable Delivery Process

The Kentico CMS development company you select should be able to execute their delivery methodology with ease, outlining why they created the model at the first place, and how it will benefit your project.
Are they able to outline key staff roles, your role, escalation procedures, risk management, stages of delivery and process related to them, their approach to ensure quality outcome, and warranty support?
A development company that is professional and serious about providing you quality services will confidently recite their process. They will know what they are doing and why they are the best choice to work with you.  

3) Heavy Customization Experience

The one quality that companies and developers like about Kentico framework is the extent to which it can be customized. And, it largely depends on the efficiency and creativity of the developer to come up with the most viable solution, which yields long-lasting results.
No matter how well-equipped the platform Kentico is, it will produce unwanted outcomes if the developer working with it doesn’t understand how to customize it to match the expectation of the client or to meet their business needs.  
It is clear that if your website does not turn out as impressive as it could have been, the fault lies majorly in who you chose for the job. Hence, choose wisely. 



Kentico is undoubtedly one of the best CMS platforms available today for digital marketers. Those who want to hire a certified professional need to test the developer or company they choose from every angle mentioned above before giving their final nod.
Cogniter Technologies is a proud Kentico CMS development company serving clients all over the world. We have the most experienced and talented team of Kentico developers for hire. For your Kentico related queries, get in touch with us:
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