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Top 3 Tips for Instagram Advertising Campaign Success


Instagram’s ad revenue is set to cross 10.8 billion dollars by 2019. If you haven’t used this platform for advertising, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.
After its association with Facebook, Instagram has become one of the world’s largest and most active social platforms with over 500 million active monthly users. With a large community like this, it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly leveraging the advertising opportunities available on this social media platform. 
There is no denying the fact that visual media is more effective for engaging audiences than other marketing channels online, that’s why Instagram is quickly becoming one of the top search engine marketing channels for businesses. 
So how can a business like yours take advantage of Instagram’s advertising capabilities?
Here are four tips for successful Instagram advertising to help you launch captivating ad campaign:

1. Select the Ideal Instagram Advertising Objective

If you want to run a great Instagram ad campaign, you need to think about why you’re doing it first. There are three options when it comes to advertising on Instagram that helps you set objectives for your particular campaign. 
Awareness-based objective: Select this type of objective if your overall goal with advertising on Instagram is to get your name out there and get your ad in front of as many eyes as possible. 
Consideration objective: You should pick this objective when there is a specific action you want Instagram users to take, but you’re not trying push directly for sales yet.
Conversion objective: Select conversion objectives, when you want to make as many conversions as possible. You can also track a wide variety of conversion types from your Instagram ads.
An experienced internet marketing company will help set up the right objective for your product or service. 

2. Choose the Perfect Instagram Ad Format

After picking the ideal marketing objective for your Instagram ads, the next step is to consider which format is best for telling your story visually. For instance, you can use photo ads for building brand awareness and engagement.
When you want tell a longer, more immersive story, Instagram video ads are a fantastic medium. Additionally, gamifying your Instagram video ads will provide an innovative way to attract users that might not pay attention to a standard commercial.
If you want to display multiple examples of your products, or when you want to tell a story that engages the user by getting them to swipe through it, Instagram carousel ads is a perfect choice. Finally, you can utilize Instagram Stories to advertise your product. Because these stories disappear after 24 hours, so that ticking clock and unique format motivates users to watch them sooner rather than later.

3. Target Your Dream Audience

Instagram’s rapid growth and abundance of targeting options provides you a great opportunity to test different ads on different audiences. But, here you need to use precise testing methods to identify and refine your real audience and target them accordingly without wasting your budget.   
Audience Target Options:
1. Core Audiences – It is the default ad targeting option for Instagram users.
2. Custom Audiences – A group of users who have a prior relationship with your brand and are imported to Ads Manager from your email lists or other data sources.
3. Lookalike Audiences – A group of users who have similar characteristics and interests to your existing customers.
At last, when targeting Lookalike Audiences include targeting expansion in your ad options. This allow the Instagram ad engine find additional users who are likely to convert but may not be in your current Lookalike Audience for any reason.
In Conclusion
Apart from these top 3 tips, getting smart with your budgeting and making the right bid also strengthen your Instagram ad campaign. 
if you really want to scale up your Instagram strategy, you can save huge amounts of time and energy with Cogniter’s digital marketing strategies. You can hire a SEM expert, which will create, schedule, and analyze results from your Instagram ad campaigns and provide you the desired results. 
You can contact us online or email all your queries at info@cogniter.com!  
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