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Top 4 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate 2019


As per latest Statistics, mobile apps are expected to generate $188.9 billion as global revenue by the year 2020.
Not only that, many experts have mentioned that mobile app development industry is one of the fastest growing industry and it shows no signs of slowing down in the future as well. 
It comes as no surprise given that we have all grown accustomed to mobile apps so much that if we go by the numbers more than 176 million users worldwide access apps on their device more than 60 times a day. As a result, the demand for iPhone application developers and Android app developers has increased multifold in recent years. 
These trends are not only going to continue but are going to go a notch higher in 2019. For now, let us look at the top 4 of them: 

1) AR/VR Will Be a Game Changer 

The trending AR(Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)technology is proving its mettle strongly as far as gaming apps and social media apps are concerned. When we look at the way they are integrating with mobile apps, it will not stop to amaze the audience in 2019 as well.  
AR and VR technologies have changed the way business operates and users communicate. They are transforming mobile strategies with devices that provide unique user interface and experience. Social media app developers are using these mind-blowing technologies that digitally merge the physical world which seems as if it is real.  
In fact, Snapchat and Instagram have already released their AR filters that can turn a human face into various digital funny characters. Now, the tech giants are gearing up for tons of innovative uses of both the technologies. 

2) AI & Machine Learning Will Witness Tremendous Growth

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning are hard favorites of tech lovers. These cutting-edge technologies have made it a whole lot easier to get real-time information and detailed analytics, at the tip of a finger and the way these advancements are influencing the mobile app market, there is a lot you can expect. 
Many organizations have already started embracing these technologies to increase profitability and at the same time to decrease operational expenses in various forms.
AI-powered mobile apps like Siri, Prima, Google Now and many more are ruling the market and there are many more such apps coming up in this new year.

3) Chatbots- The Possible Face of the Future

Today chatbots have become an integral part of most of the on-demand apps, which allows you to respond quickly in real-time to your customers. They are virtual assistants and bypass human interaction to a large extent.  
According to a survey, the Chatbot market will increase to a whopping 1250 million by the year 2025. This market expansion of chatbots is a result of its seamless connection with AR – VR advancements, which offers organizations an edge above the rest. 
This digital weapon with its interface on mobile apps has played a pivotal role in escalating customer relationship management to a new level altogether. 

4) Cloud Will Be a Necessity 

Cloud is considered to be a luxury, but in 2019, that would not be the case anymore. The world has already started warming up to the benefits as well as possibilities that Cloud has to offer.
Could is instrumental in making mobile app development more secure, fast, and reliable, as well as boosting mobile app testing services. There are many security-related concerns being solved with the help of Cloud Technologies and it will be a prime concern in the coming years making it a necessary element of future mobile apps. 
Moreover, with could technology such as Dropbox, AWS, SlideRocket, and many more, it is now possible to develop powerful apps that run directly on the Cloud, saving a lot of storage space. With this, we can confidently expect more such powerful apps, requiring minimal storage space from smartphones to be released in 2019.


In the mobile app development industry, on each day you see many new developments. To anticipate what the coming year will bring along is a tough task. But with this blog, we believe you can visualize the coming trends in the mobile app industry and get ready for these advancements.
In the next blog, we will come up with more mobile app trends that will shine in 2019. In case you are wondering how these mobile application development trends will benefit your business, just reach out to us at info@cogniter.com. We will guarantee to make your app stand out in the mobile app market.   
Till then keep watching this space for more updates and useful information!

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