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Top 5 Advantages Of Xamarin Mobile Application Development


For businesses of all sizes, building a mobile strategy is of utmost importance. Facts state that approximately 80% of Internet users possess a smartphone and that figure is going to increase in the near future. 
This strategy not only means having a mobile-friendly website but also well-executed apps. However, in this fast-growing technology environment, developing mobile apps to keep up with the growing demands can only be achieved with the right set of tools and the right platform. 
Luckily, Xamarin is one such application development platform that can help us develop application with a quick turn-around time. When it comes to developing, testing and releasing mobile applications quickly across iOS, Android, and Windows, Xamarin is the right choice. 

Here are the top advantages of using Xamarin for mobile app development:


Native User Experience

Xamarin Mobile Application Development framework allows developers to reap the benefits of the phone such as sensors, touch inputs, and the operating system by using a wide range of native API levels on all the major platforms. The framework makes it very easy to channelize the expertise of Android Fragments and Beacons.

Eradicate Manual Coding

With the Xamarin framework’s inbuilt C# Type Inference, a mobile app developer can skip manual coding while developing apps. This is one of the biggest benefits that attract developers. It helps in speeding up the development, testing as well as the delivery process.

One Code for Different Platforms

Xamarin is based on C# as well as native libraries wrapped in the.Net layer, which allows 90-96% code to be used again to develop apps for other platforms. This also saves the developer’s time spent on maintaining multiple code bases and coding for multiple platforms. 


The framework supports App Testing on more than 2,000 devices. Mobile app developers have the chance of subscribing to the Test Recorder Tool, allowing them to track and get report of all the bugs, which may come in any of the 2000 devices that they can test on. This minimizes the time of troubleshooting, which makes their work very easy.

Wonderful User Experience

An app created using Xamarin technology remains flawless in terms of user experience. The framework provides better performance as well as accessibility for all major platforms where users have the opportunity of exploring features and functionalities, resulting in a highly engaging and intuitive app.

Wrapping Up

The rich features and amazing benefits of Xamarin all point towards flawless cross-platform native applications for mobile app development. In addition to the above-mentioned five reasons, Xamarin boasts an ever-growing community of 700,000 plus developers who are continuously collaborating and enhancing the software. We are one of the very first Xamarin Development company in India.
Hire Xamarin Developer from our highly skilled and experienced team having vast knowledge of Xamarin mobile apps for your customized solution.
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