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Top 5 Android Application Development Tips


With more than 80% of the world's mobile market share as accounted in 2017, Android is the only reason why smartphones have become predominant among the entire mobile operating systems.
The increasing popularity of Android devices has motivated Android application developers to find new and innovative ways to develop better products for their customers. In order to achieve this, they have to face various during the development phase which needs to be addressed so that the end-customer is able to have a great experience while using the app.
Here we have provided some of the top android application development tips developers should consider while developing an android app:

1) Analyze and Follow Android Design Guidelines

Google has constructed a set of Android design guidelines to help out new Android developers to create Android apps that behave and feel the same way while providing a consistent UI/UX. These guidelines are popularly known as Material Design. By following these guidelines, it will be easy for end-users to properly understand the working and enjoy the app as well.

2) Understand Your Users

It is important that the developer understands what your user needs and designs an app on those lines. Users appreciate it when developers listen to them and take their feedback seriously. It makes them feel important and they will continue using the app. Pay your attention to Play store reviews to understand what features you should add or push out in the forthcoming updates.

3) Optimize Your Apps

Mobile users just hate those apps which take a long time to open or processor which take up unnecessary space on the phone. The pace of flow and the overall size of the app are one of the most important factors which contribute to the success or failure of the app. Hence, it has to be kept in mind by new developers as it can result in reducing the speed of your app drastically.

4) Develop for Multiple Devices

Android provides the flexibility of using the same app on multiple devices. But, for an android application developer, it is quite difficult to test the product on every device. Therefore, in order to maintain consistency among the various devices with different sizes, it is better to build an app for multiple devices by using density-independent pixels as Android then automatically calculates the right amount of pixels depending upon the screen size.

5) Test Your App Thoroughly

Never release your app without testing it! Having a bug-free mobile app is an asset and to achieve that, certain measures need to be taken. Make sure the app is tested by alpha testers and then undergo beta testing in the second stage. The flaws and inconsistencies revealed during the testing phase should then be corrected before the final release.
Choose Cogniter Technologies for a Flawless Android App Development Experience
Cogniter has been in the mobile app development field for more than a decade now. We understand every client's needs and provide a customized Android app based on their requirements. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced developers who provide topnotch android app development services and for different platforms such as iOS, Windows, etc.
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