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Top 5 Instagram Videos Tips to drive more Engagement and Leads

SUNDAY, MAY 08, 2022

Driving Instagram Engagements and leads for today's social media marketers acts as a Holy Grail. It is a platform that has become highly popular by today, and worldwide users are highly visiting the platform. 
Are you seeking ways to gather maximum Instagram visitors? Instagram videos are one of the best ways to attract your potential audience and grow. But how do you create Instagram videos that get people engaged or interested in your business? 
Well, don’t worry! 
This blog post will present the top 5 Instagram video tips that help you bring more qualified and potential leads to your business. 

But before deep-down into the Top 5 Instagram video tips, here are the following things that one should keep in mind for Video content on Instagram:

Be Yourself: TOFU potentials want to get to know your business in the first interaction. Here, let them show what your business is all about and give them a reason to follow back your Account. 
Tell a Story: To entice a new audience to your business, a compelling story will prove helpful. Storytelling is the way that gets the people to land back on your website for eventual sales. 

Keep It Simple:  At the top of the funnel, people don’t want to read in-depth content and long guide. Here, one can tease the audience with exciting offerings and present the guide in the middle of the funnel. 

Make it short: In 2022, Instagram will shorten the video type by introducing Reels. That means you should keep your videos shorter. 

1. Creatively Introduce your Brand Name

As we know, video is one of the best modes to introduce our brand name to the potential audience perfectly. In the meantime, if you want to introduce your business, you should showcase what you sell, what you do during work, where your workforce works, or what you have set to achieve or already accomplished. 
One can keep the video precise with a long backstory by highlighting the following factors. You can add some effects or experiment with condensing or speeding up filters to keep the audience engaged. 
With all of the above, one can easily introduce and showcase any small business in 7 seconds through Instagram’s Reels. 

2. Inspire the Audience to Use your Product in a New Way

The audience already knows how to use your product, especially if your business is well-known and widely spread. How can you grab the audience's attention or keep your brand top of mind? 
This is where you can introduce some new methods to use your products and creatively inspire them via easy hacks. Plus, this trick can prove helpful for your followers to get the best use of your product and prompt them to try something latest. 

3. Show Viewers a Tutorial or DIY Tips 

Inspiring the audience to get creative is an ideal way to get them to think about your products. To take it one further step, you can showcase your products step-by-step. By helping your audience how to do something easily, you can come one step closer to lead conversion. 
Moreover, if you want to attract your TOFU audience, you should keep your content more relevant and simple. Instead of showing how to do the complicated task first, you should focus on easy-to-do tasks with a basic process. You can also present time-saving hacks to your audience and make a sweet or short tutorial. 

4. Make People Laugh 

Not every Instagram video needs a serious or sophisticated look at your business or products/services. Sometimes, keeping your content entertaining and joyful helps you prove more effective for brand awareness. 

5. Highlight a Product Feature 

The launch of completely new products can prove a hurtful mistake for your business. Therefore, you must roll out a new functionality/feature instead of launching a completely new product/service. 
Perhaps, it can also prove helpful to drive awareness for the pre-existing valuable features of your products. Meanwhile, a creative short video would be ideal for putting your feature on every individual's radar. 


So, these are some of the valuable techniques that help you expand your customer base on Instagram by creating video content. 
Using these tips, you can easily interact, entertain, and inform your new audience while getting them interested in your brand. If you want to get more details about social media marketing tips and tricks for your business, Cogniter Technologies could be your right pick. 

About Cogniter Technologies 

Cogniter Technologies, a leading social media marketing companies in india, offers high-end digital solutions to take your business to new heights. We have an experienced and well-trained digital marketers team who can provide the ROI-driven strategies and solutions that helps your business better and gain a maximum audience from social media platforms. 

To learn more or consult, feel free to visit our website at https://www.cogniter.com/.
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