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Top 5 Tips to Rank Higher using White Hat SEO Services in India


Want to know how to defeat Google in its own tricks without breaking any rule? Now, you might think we are going to share some shortcuts & spammy techniques of black hat SEO. But you are wrong!

Do you know black hat SEO techniques will not only penalize your website by Google, yet render a poor user experience? Wholesome, it is a temporary gold that will soon turn into brass.

So, of what I am talking about?

It’s White Hat SEO services.

If you belong to the Search Engine Optimization realm, you must familiar with the term White Hat SEO. If no, don't worry!
Let’s take a glance below!

Introduction to White Hat SEO Services

White hat SEO services refer to those SEO services categorize under professional search engine terms & conditions. Simply said, you will play under rules & regulations.

It proves similar to standard SEO services that assist businesses to improve their website performance & drive leads to their website. However, Google frames few rules & regulations for responsive websites. If websites abide by all such rules, they will not only rank higher on a search engine but offer a valuable user experience to their potential audience. Additionally, it holds varied other benefits such as quality work, solid technical support, noteworthy results, and even so forth.

Basically, proceeding with white hat SEO services ensure the valuable growth of your website by assisting & providing a quality experience to the customers.

5 Key Tips of White Hat SEO Strategies to Rank Higher in 2021

Ranking higher is simple, but only by following the proper white hat SEO strategies. As you will see varied factors of the ranking website in top results. However, below are the following result-oriented tips that you must consider for getting better outcomes.·Usage of Long-Tail Keywords

Search for long-tail keywords is under minimal competition & will quickly rank. Additionally, these keywords are more specific that easily drive the focus of your targeted audience. Thenceforth, it is suggested to focus on long-tail keywords along with using high competitive short-tail keywords.

·Present Quality Content


Quality content is one of the core keys to achieve top rankings & renders a valuable user experience. You are providing those solutions for which searchers land on search engines. Spontaneously, your website appears in top searches as you are successfully satisfying your user's needs. This is what Google analyzes while ranking any website in top results. Most importantly, it becomes significant to maintain high quality in content as per Google's EAT update.  

·Website Speed


Building both desktop & mobile-friendly websites acts as a crucial ranking aspect. Thus, one must ensure that their website should load faster to drive high user engagement. An ideal website loading speed considers 3 seconds. In case, your website takes a long time then you must optimize your website’s loading speed. One can easily optimize it with the help of Google’s Page Speed.

·Bring Accuracy in On-Page SEO


One must ensure the accuracy of on-page SEO practices in each article, blog post, and landing page. However, Optimization of every page is significant; no matter its landing page or blog post. Here are the following things that one will surely optimize including; Meta tags, Title Tags, optimized Images, robots text, and the creation of an XML sitemap.

·Internal Linking


Internal Linking is a robust weapon to build solid domain authority & attract traffic. Therefore, one must timely update every blog post with accurate internal linking & boost the surfing experience of their users too.



By wrapping up, performing White hat SEO services in India will surely bring amazing results in your website ranking. If you want to achieve a high rank for your website, must consider the following tips while performing SEO practices. Concurrently, if you don't want to take any chance, then you must consider hiring of a professional SEO Company in India.

If we are talking about the SEO Company in India, considering Cogniter Technologies would prove an ideal decision. Cogniter Technologies is a renowned SEO Company in India backed by professionals. We, at Cogniter Technologies, perform state-of-the-art techniques of Seo marketing in India to bring unbeatable results to our clients.

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