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Top 5 WordPress development Plugins that you must employ in 2022!


A question that many of us get asked is: Why should we opt WordPress? How it can prove beneficial for our business? Are you having the same questions? 
Well, it happened because people have misconceptions about WordPress that it is only a blogging platform. Rather, WordPress has evolved into a robust website builder and an effective CMS (Content Management System).  
Nowadays, WordPress has been maintaining a strong foothold across the maximum part of global corporate world. It has comes with numerous advanced features that makes it worthy to invest by top business brands to empower their websites. Amongst numerous features, WordPress has several plugins. 
Today, Cogniter Technoogies, one of the best WordPress development company will present the top 5 must-have WordPress development plugins that every business should employ in 2022. 

Let’s Start! 



MonsterInsights, one of the leading WordPress development Plugin. It assists in driving maximum traffic and estimating the well-performing content with user behavior estimation. This Plugin has integration with Google Analytics that provides you accurate analytical data of your visitors. 
The best thing is MonsterInsights has number of advanced features that might convince you to try it once.  


Sucuri is one of the secured WordPress plugin that prevents ou from malware attacks for your WordPress website. It has firewall security that can scans your complete content before getting live  to remove spammy links. 
Sucuri also provides regular server-stage backups that keeps your WordPress website safe from cyber attacks and restores everything. 

WP Smush 

WP Smush is a plugin that compresses large images before uploading to reduce Image size without compromising in quality. Such plugin is highly helpful if your website is using large Images because it can slow-down your website that annoys your users. 
In the mean-time, WP Smush helps you improve your website oad time that reduces bandwidth consumption. Undoubtedly, you will find numerous plugins, but WP Smush is suggested by far the best Image compression plugin for WordPress. 


If you are runnin a niche website and try t monetize it, then MemberPass is one of the must-have and best choice. MemberPass is an amazing memebership management plugin that helps you create a fastest website content. It can offer you complete control over your content visibility and webpages. 
Apart from complete control over content, it has a knowledge base functionality that enables you to develop detailed information for your potential clients.  

Social Media Auto Publish

Content publishing is somehow crucial to expand your digital presence. But, sometimes it is complicated for us to maintain consistency in content publishing on regular basis. This is where, the Social Media Autp Publish plugin helps you publish a new post. It allows you set a particular time intervals for your publishing content without interfering any manual practice. 


These were the top 5 must have #WordPress #plugins that can helps you empower your WordPress website. So, don’t get late and get started with these WordPress plugins that can allow you gte most out of your website and drives higher productivity. 
To ensure the implementation of all plugins and its benefits on your business, feel free to consult with Cogniter Technologies. 
Cogniter Technologies, a renowned WordPress development company backed by professional developers. For 18+ years in the industry, we, at Cogniter Technologies strive to render the growth-oriented solutions. Check-out today at https://www.cogniter.com
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