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Top Secrets Revealed (Part-1): How to Launch Your Mobile App Successfully


A successful mobile app launch is very important for every business. To make it happen and take the guesswork out, learn from the success stories of our clients, and launch your business app with a blockbuster start.  
With years of struggle and dedication, many big and small business apps have notched up and become an inspiration for others worldwide. It didn’t happen overnight, lot of midnight oil was burnt to study the market trends, developing unmatched applications, and making them stay on top. 

Much of the world is glued to the applications that are potentially technology-rich. Every app has a purpose, therefore, to ensure a successful app launch, one must consider the following: 

  1. Target Audience 

  2. Web Presence 

  3. Influencers & Reporters 

  4. Feedback Loop 

  5. Planned Beta Test 

  6. Assess Satisfaction 

Be it Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, or other apps from different genres, each one goes the extra mile to hit millions/billions of users. Check out some of the leading apps journeys that mobile apps developers can learn from and turn their next app launch a sure-fire success: 

Facebook: “Start Small, But Always Think BIG “  

Thanks to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg for developing the biggest social media platform. The application is on almost every device today and the company is enjoys a huge fan base across the globe. Thousands of people got registered just in a day after its launch, then the number increased to 1 million, and now it has 2.7 billion monthly active users. Like every coin has two sides, Facebook also faced criticism, but it learned from its mistakes. In its thriving 16 years, the app has undergone a lot of transformation and every time the Facebook team came up with innovative and striking features. It all started with a simple ‘The Wall’ & ‘Personal Messaging’ feature and with changing times and growing craze, the app introduced many things like Notes, News Feed, Marketplace for Selling, Tagging, Timeline, etc. With so many features, ease to publicize your business, and quick interactions with friends & families at far locations, somewhere maintaining privacy became the biggest challenge. 

Google Pay: Grab Media’s Attention 

Developed by Google, Google Pay is the successor to Android Pay and is hitting 67 million monthly active users. Sajith Sivanandan, managing director and business head of Google Pay, states that the objective was to get positioned in a competitive market with the launch of a digital payment platform for businesses.
Keeping in mind the digital revolution, this online payment platform was a combination of Android Pay & Google Wallet and it helps users to enjoy faster & secure transactions. Since its inception, the app experienced a huge surge in popularity. The entity-based User-Interface design was launched with a purpose to offer a centralized view of chat heads. With its ‘Google Pay for Businesses’ addition, the app completely bridged the gap between businesses and customers.  
Further, he added that preventing fraudulent scams was the biggest bottleneck and still to make the app secure, experts keep an eagle’s eye & stay abreast of machine-learning technology. 
They are not the only ones with smart and inspiring app launches, there are a few more, which we will cover in the next blog. 
Want business mobile applications for any of the ever popular platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows? We Can Help!
Cogniter Technologies is a leading mobile application development company that develops user-friendly, flexible, and scalable applications for different business verticals. Feel free to reach us at info@cogniter.com. 
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