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Top Secrets Revealed (Part-2): How to Launch Your App Successfully


The total app publishers on Google Play are estimated to be around 906,717k+ worldwide out of which 26,841 are Indian, 165,502 are US publishers, and so on. Being a mobile application developer, it is tough at times to make a mark in the growing apps industry. Developing & launching an application is always challenging and there are always countless app-killing issues that must be paid attention to.  
The demand of the market and competition, the app launch plan must be analyzed to reduce the chances of app launch failures and make your application stand out. 
In the last blog, we put a light on two success stories that have a big impact on mobile application development and developers. The other two positive & successful experiences are as follows: 

Snapchat: Word of Mouth

With 53.5 million downloads, Snapchat today is the most popular multimedia messaging application. It all started with an idea of creating a platform for sharing a moment with friends & family that goes disappear in seconds. In 2011, after the app was launched it hardly grabbed the attention of 100 users, but later the widespread use of word of mouth increased the users to 100,000 by 2012. As the concept was unique, hence turning into reality was challenging initially. The targeted audience for Snapchat was 18-24 years, therefore the app featured many exciting Emojis, Filters, Stories, Chats, Our Story, Geofilters, etc. $100 million were spent to integrate Bitmojis in Snapchat. 

The growing popularity of the app made owners think more about adding innovative features and more additive properties to Snapchat. 


Tinder:   Marketing & Promoting 

In today’s dating world, Tinder has made the biggest sensation. Tinder came into 2012 to transform the online dating experiences and now it has 50 million active user profiles. In a couple of launch weeks, Tinder got 1000 downloads. It was a unique concept to find love online just with a left and right swipe. The app got huge acceptance worldwide due to its striking features, functionality like Swipes, Super Likes, Tinder Plus, Chat, and more. When everything seemed to be going great, the spark of the Tinder lost due to its terrible interface and no innovation to the application. However, with new features like Safety buttons, Video Chat, ‘Dating During Pandemic’, and more Tinder has won the hearts again. There are many more features like Prompts, 'Share to Matches', Likes You, Noonlight Timeline, and Photo Verification that are in stock for Tinder users and most likely to be added to the app soon. 

Final Thoughts 

For survival and expanding customer-base, businesses must have mobile applications to deliver goods & services for a delightful experience. We always need the inspiration to succeed in life and in the case of mobile app development, the success cases direct us and help learn from their mistakes. The mobile app development trends are rising and today many professional mobile app development companies are developing robust apps using Xamarin, Visual Studio, and PhoneGap. 
Cogniter Technologies employs a team of tech professionals that provide mobile app development services for iPhone, iPad, Android, and more.  
Get in touch with us at info@cogniter.com and hire our mobile apps developers for attractive & scalable applications. 
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