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Two Big SEO Myths Busted


Search engine optimization is no longer as straightforward as it used to be until only a few years ago. Google's algorithm changes over the past two years have made it harder for SEO experts and digital marketing professionals to apply quick fixes to improve websites’ rankings. Many SEO myths making rounds have added to this difficulty. But all is not doom and gloom.
It is still possible to use the right tools and stay away from common SEO myths to achieve results.
  • Myth One: SEO Is a Child’s Play.
If only it were true. Google’s new rules are so complex - and they are changing so rapidly - that it takes an internet marketing agency to keep up with all the updates and use the latest techniques to help your website rank well. Remember, millions of new websites are sprouting everyday. It takes a team of gurus at a digital marketing agency to make sure your website stays on top - despite the emergence of new competitor’s everyday.
  • Myth Two - You’re Doomed without a High Rank.
It is not always in your business interest to pay thousands of dollars to a digital marketing agency to get the first position for a certain set of keywords when you can get your website on the fourth or fifth  position for considerably less. Sometimes the ROI (return on investment) for a lower rank is higher. So look at the ROI to decide what is better for your business.
These are two popular SEO myths prevalent in the modern SEO industry.
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