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Two Techniques to Boost Search Rankings


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential component of any internet marketing campaign. Although it started as a way to improve rankings on Google (and other search engines), today SEO encompasses social media marketing, social media advertising, Facebook marketing, online marketing, and web marketing. It also affects how a website is designed to improve its usability for end users and thereby improving the number of visitors and their satisfaction with your website. In this blog, you will read about two design techniques to make your website more SEO friendly:
  • Technique One: Creative Headlines
Google loves headlines. In fact it pays more attention to headlines than body content. So it is important to make sure the text that comes between two <h> tags is unique and engaging.  Develop good headlines. Make sure they are not bland and plain. Develop headlines that offer a sneak peak into your content and offer a visitor a reason to click on it. To sum up, the more smartly written your headlines are, the more chances  you have of ranking high.
  • Technique Two: Link Internally
Internal linking is crucial, if it is done correctly. Do not link to random pages on your website. It can affect the ranking adversely by producing a poor user experience. Link internally for users, not Google bots. It will boost your rankings.
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