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Want to Learn Graphic Design? 5 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics by 2020 there will be a 13% increase in the demand for graphic designers of all kinds. The main reason behind this demand is the rise of bushiness online in recent years all thanks to the internet.   

However, Graphic design can be a tough job for beginners with no previous experience. One thing to keep in mind is not expect to become a graphic designer expert in a month. Don’t set high expectations and try to achieve one goal at a time.

So, if you are planning to become a professional graphic designer as per required by many Graphic design firms or for own business, start your journey by following more specific, simpler steps as mentioned below:

1)    Choosing the Right Colors

Choose and use colors wisely as it can distract or leave an impact on viewers. Go for the colors that grasp the mood you aim for or are associated with your company in some way. For example, green reminds people of peace, freshness, and nature, while deep blue can be mystical, intriguing, or even depressing. Make sure you know what message you wish to convey. Analyze how cohesive the design is and try to achieve the same impression.

2)  Right Composition of Contrast

Contrast defines different sections, highlight important sections or words. Contrast guides a reader in where to look first, or what is important. If you have your big offer in the same color, typeface, and font size as the rest of the content, the readers’ eyes will not be drawn to it, nothing is setting it apart. Contrast is what allows you to make something stand out and it should be used in every composition.

3) Consistent Quality of Images

You need to make sure the quality of images throughout your design remains consistent. The style, proportions, framing, lighting, and quality of these elements should remain constant throughout your design. Don’t cheat your viewers by mixing your own photos and the photos that you purchased from the stocks as it shows inconsistency from your side.  

4) Select the Right Fonts

A design that is clear and readable is what that will attract viewers. In order to achieve that balance it is important to not to restrict your designs to one font only. Try to experiment with different styles of fonts and stick to a unique font style for your current project you are focusing. Explore different opportunities, instead of picking those dull default fonts.

5) Maintain a Visual Balance

Balance is the placement of elements in a graphic design that compliment one another.  Remember, everything in your composition has a visual weight to it. Having balance doesn’t mean you can’t have a focal point, it shows how smartly you arrange elements that matches how people naturally scan and read a page that will result in a better looking design.

Ready to Design a Successful Piece

Hope the beginners can have a good idea from the above effective graphic designing tips that they can apply in their designs for websites, banners or logos.

We are a Full-Service Graphic Design Company in India that knows how to position its clients to their best advantage with proven strategies and high-impact designs. Choose us as your partner and we will create well-thought and professionally designed prints for your company. Our graphic designers work with a wide range of media to produce highly creative and interactive designs and offer the best of graphic design services.

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