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Why Kotlin is Better than Java for Android Application Development


For years now, developers have been using Java for Android development. However, due to the limitations like being verbose, old, and error-prone to name a few making android developers to choose the new programming language Kotlin for web development.  
Most of the Android app developers today are opting for Kotlin web development as it is precise in writing, comes with great IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and the most amazing part is that it can be adopted into an existing Java code.
Apart from these, there are ample other reasons why you should opt for Kotlin over Java for your Android app development: 

Provide More Concise and Safer Code

One of the biggest advantages of Kotlin over Java in the case of Android development is that you are able to solve the same problems using fewer lines of code that results into more reliable code with fewer bugs and crashes on the UX side.

From all the other benefits that derive from code conciseness most important of them are:

It is easier to maintain
It is easier to read, write
Developers can apply changes effectively and efficiently 
As we already established that Kotlin’s code is concise, therefore it is self-evident that a concise, compact, and clear code is completely a safer code!

Supports Full Java Interoperability

Another best thing about Kotlin is that it is 100% interoperable with Java. For Kotlin android developers, it can be a tremendous help as they can right away start implementing Kotlin in your existing Java project without changing the entire project in Java. So, if you are thinking to switch over to Kotlin and migrating your project from Java is really an easy job.

It is a Functional Language 

 Kotlin has gained a cutting-edge advantage over other languages like Java, JavaScript, C#, Scala and others. It consists of object-oriented as well as functional constructs and can be used in both the Kotlin programming language styles or by mixing various elements from the two.  In short, functional concepts can be used more concisely and explicitly with proper function types which boost the final performance.

Enhanced Productivity

Another one of the key advantages of Kotlin over Java is that it has been built with developer productivity in mind. With Kotlin’s concise code, including its intuitive syntax and its overall clean language design, it will take you less time to write new code in Kotlin. This will also help to deploy it and to maintain it at a bigger scale, saving a lot of time and efforts of Android app developers.

Final Thoughts

Kotlin is making the life of Android app developers a whole lot easier. Many well-known companies are shifting towards Kotlin and are using it to offer state-of-the-art services. So, implement Kotlin to your existing Java code and experience the awesomeness of Kotlin by yourself.
Hire Kotlin for Android developers today for safer, stable and reliable codes of your Kotlin web development at Cogniter Technologies. We have a team of award-winning Android mobile app development services for startups and enterprises with expert Kotlin developers.
Cogniter provides its Kotlin Android application development services in USA and India and throughout the world. Get in touch online or email us all your requirements at info@cogniter.com
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