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Why is Now the Best Time to Invest in Mobile Gaming?


The international gaming industry is worth US $81.5 billion in 2014, and the market is growing. A rising interest in mobile games is fueling this growth. The popularity of Angry Birds and other games in the Android and iPhone store already supersedes that of Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation games combined. In other words, although PC-based games rule now, the trend is clear: mobile game development is the future.
Many people in Asia and North America - the two largest game markets - are spending more time on gaming on their smartphones and tablets than any other activity; including social media. A huge business
opportunity awaits game publishers willing to jump in and capitalize on public interest in mobile gaming. This is the right time for them to start looking for experienced Android and iPhone app developers from India who can turn their ideas into massively popular mobile games.
There are many good reasons to invest in mobile gaming. Hire a mobile app development company to create you a game. But the most attractive of them seems to be low development costs.
Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and other large names of the PC-based gaming industry invest millions of dollars to create a game. Then a similarly large amount is spent to create trailers, participating in game shows and promoting the product. The development costs, thus the entry barrier, are high.
Mobile gaming creates a more level playing field; where a game can be created for as low as $10,000. Companies can hire Android and iPhone app developers from India to reduce their financial strain and then reap profits by selling those games across the world.
Besides reducing development costs, game publishers can save on advertising by working with an affordable SEO services provider. Local internet marketing firms can advertise a mobile game to millions of potential customers at a fraction of the price that traditional, large companies pay.
And finally, the maintenance costs for mobile games are not as high as PC-based gaming because developers do not have to constantly update their code to accommodate new hardware.
To conclude, low development costs, smaller budgets, and easy maintenance combined with a booming gaming marketing are three convincing reasons to invest in mobile gaming
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