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You Should Never Hire an SEO Provider Who…

FRIDAY, APRIL 01, 2016

Many SEO providers are intelligent people who take pride in their jobs. They are the professionals who have spent years honing their craft and possess the skills to enlarge your online presence. You’re likely to meet them when you will look for an organization to outsource your digital marketing work. Many do. However, the road to finding a reliable SEO provider isn’t without its perils.
There is a small chance that you’ll run into some shady company that promises you the sky and vanishes at the time of delivery. Although seasoned marketeers can spot them from a mile away, those new to the world of Internet-based marketing may find the job difficult. Thankfully, help is here.
In this short guide for business owners, Cogniter’s digital marketeers suggest you find kinds of SEO providers to avoid.
You should never hire an SEO provider who:

Creates Low-quality, Duplicate Content

Even back in the heyday of content farms in 2008, it wasn’t a good strategy to use a piece of text multiple times. Today, it can be disastrous for your business. It can bring down your online reputation and invite search engine penalties. Anyone who offers to publish your content on more than one website is certainly not worth your time and money.

Uses Old Methods to Boot Rank

In the early 2000s, when SEO was relatively new, some shady people used black hat techniques to improve their clients’ websites’ ranks. They would write long meta tags, stuff keywords into a text and do all sorts of unethical things to fool search engines. It worked back then. Today, search engines have gotten smarter. It takes more than a keyword repeated a fixed number of times and other old techniques to improve a website’s rank. Anyone using old methods is sure to do more harm than good.

Takes You for a Pro

There’s a genuine reason many businesses outsource SEO. It’s hard. It consumes a lot of time. It’s more than blog writing and keyword optimization. And, as a business owner, it’s okay if SEO isn’t your forte. Any agency that thinks otherwise and asks you questions that require expert-level knowledge of the field is likely a scam. The client isn’t always the best person to decide what should be done. It’s the job of an SEO professional.

Refuses to be Transparent

Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and other popular tools are ways to measure an SEO campaign’s efficacy. SEO providers use them all them. The good ones even let their clients access raw data in these tools. But if your provider asks for an exception to the rule, it’s time to switch.

Doesn’t Share Monthly Progress Reports

SEO is long-term where even the shortest campaigns last 3-6 months. A year of work is the industry norm. However, as a business owner, you can’t wait for a whole year without hearing a word on results. It’s too long. Thankfully, quality SEO providers know about it and offer monthly reports. Anyone who argues otherwise isn’t up for the job.
To sum up, it’s a nice idea to stay away from SEO providers who copy content, use old techniques, want you to take critical decisions, are not transparent and don’t provide monthly reports.
Cogniter Technologies is a quality provider of SEO services to business worldwide. It’s transparent, ethical, up-to-date, takes responsibility and sends monthly reports to clients. It has all your business needs to have stellar reputation online. Feel free to contact us through Skype-ID:Cogniter or info@cogniter.com
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