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What Is Hyperion and How It Can Transform Your Business

MONDAY, JULY 16, 2018

The business model of modern organizations is rapidly shifting due to stiff competition, currency fluctuation, customer requirements, operational expenses and the occasional change in government regulations. In order to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace, businesses need a dynamic and seamless integration of Enterprise Resource Planning across the organization.
Hyperion provided solutions enables businesses to respond to these demands on a global scale and transform their current processes to collect, analyze, consolidate, report, and forecast the data that drives mission-critical decisions.
Many organizations are talking about Hyperion development, but how does it really fit into an Oracle EBS environment and what are the benefits of using Hyperion financial management and development services or financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting?
What Is Hyperion?
Hyperion is a highly effective financial and planning as well as Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Tool.  Hyperion is a global leader when it comes to business or corporate performance management, enabling organizations to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution, and provides insight to improve both financial and operational performance. 

 Some of the key highlights of Hyperion are:

Helps businesses in integrating, planning, managing and execution of goals

  • Timely and error-free data analytics to evaluate the business performance of the organization and make quick improvements to the business model
  • Unlock the potential to generate more profit from the profit centers of an organization
  • reducing the operational costs, to a larger extent  for administration, workforce, other expenses and more
  • Projecting long-term strategic goals to ensure stakeholders and equity holders of an organization for more business growth 
How Hyperion Development Can Benefit Your Business
With Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, companies and Businesses are able to dissect and analyze data from different angles and create new data sets to help them come up with viable plans, budgets, and forecasts.
Here are the TOP solutions that Hyperion provides to your business:
Financial Analysis
  • Financial planning and budgeting, forecast, monitoring actual vs. projected activities, reporting for top management
  • Full P&L responsibility, generating month and year-end closing
  • Prepare various financial analysis, and weekly/monthly financial reporting
  • Traditional NPV, ROI, IRR calculations for investment projects
  • Advise potential clients on investment opportunities in the DR incl. financing options and real estate taxes and regulations
  • Investment analysis of business operations for tourist industry (hotels, restaurants, condo building, residential areas)
Financial Planning
  • Driver based income and expense planning
  • Predictive analysis based on the historical data
  • Use of various drivers and ratio while determining auxiliaries’ income
Strategic Decision Making
  • Demand-based budgeting
  • Easy on the Eye dashboards
  • Budgets for the planned renovation and other exceptions
  • Workforce Planning
  • Determine workforce requirement based on the occupancy
  • The balance between temporary and permanent staff
Hyperion Cloud Hosting 
  • Seamless, secure migration or upgrade of your Hyperion applications
  • Simplified user-friendly platform to handle complex Hyperion application management
  • Automated subscription to Hyperion continuous innovation releases
In Conclusion
An organization can improve tremendously by gaining knowledge, predictability skills, forecasting outcomes and performing what-if analyses to identify trends, and succeed in the ever-changing environment of the 21st century by combining these solutions provided by Hyperion development services.
With over 15 years of experience in overall IT management, Cogniter is developing and analyzing reports using Hyperion reporting tool, Hyperion Financial management tool and Excel add-in, BSO cubes, calculation scripts, Report Scripts, and helping businesses to grow. Contact us to hire our Hyperion development experts or send email to consultation@cogniter.com.  
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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Application Development Company


Any business that aspires to get successful today needs a robust presence on the World Wide Web.
Over the years, web application development has become immensely popular and almost all business owners around the globe seek outstanding web applications to lower costs and increase the return on investment of their business. However, choosing the right web application development company is not an easy task, given the fact that there are a plethora of development companies flooding the market today.
Here we enlist important five factors to consider when choosing a web application development company for your idea or business model:
1) Experience
It goes without saying that experience is the most significant criteria while choosing a web application development company to take control of your web app development project. New developers may create an excellent app, but they may not have the judgment to handle issues that are bound to arise. Find out the capability of the developers to create and solve the issues related to the apps.
2) Technology
The web application development company you choose must have comprehensive knowledge of the latest web development technologies and best practices. Make sure the web application developers who are assigned to your project are highly trained professionals. You can get a clear idea from the portfolio of the company and looking at their previous work. You can also check and see if their previous clients are satisfied with the quality of work they have done.
3) Business Model
The business model of a web application development company will give you insights into their functioning. There are many companies who only believe in starting and ending a project, and do not offer any maintenance or support. Hence, if you are seeking support for a web application, it might be better to choose a company that does provide over all assistance.
4) Coding Standard
It is important to ensure that the web application development company you select has sound knowledge of the programming language and related tools that a software requires. The more structured the framework and organizational coding system the better will be the code maintainability. Also, it would lead to efficient utilization of an application’s library, components, and tools.   
5) Budget
Another major factor that you need to consider when hiring a web application development company is the budget. Budget is one of the most important aspect that you should discuss with the development company. Choose a reputable company that won’t charge you high and neither will it deliver poor-quality services, since, for them reputation is more important than money.
In Conclusion
Choosing a web development company requires work at your end.  What you need is a company comfortable with the latest technologies, offering a high-quality product, with relevant after-development support, and one that fits neatly into your budget. Cogniter Technologies fulfils all these requirements easily and effectively.
Cogniter Technologies provides custom web application development services since 2003. Web application developers at Cogniter will apply their passion and expertise to deliver an app that exceeds your expectations and satisfies your business requirements.

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5 Major Benefits of Hiring a Skilled WordPress Developer


WordPress is the most popular and credible Content Management System at the moment, used for both blogging and non-blogging websites.
The ease of use  which WordPress offers has made it the first choice for website developers. Moreover, it offers a large number of templates, themes, plugins and websites can be fully customized at any point of time as per your requirements.
In spite of it being easy to operate, it doesn’t mean that you can hire any developer, immature or inexperienced, doing so can ruin the whole user experience of your wordpress site. If you want to create a website that generates revenue and is user-friendly, you should hire WordPress developer who has got ample knowledge in this field.  
Here is a list of benefits that you will get on hiring a skilled WordPress developer for your website:
Offers Technical Support
If you lack enough knowledge on technical issues on websites then hiring a WordPress developer will be an ideal choice. The developer will assist you in the right direction about the site. Also, the developer will guide you on how you can yourself do regular maintenance on your site when he or she is not around.
Provide WordPress Related Solutions
A professional WordPress developer is well aware of all the things that are essential in making the web function as you envisioned. The developer will take into account all the website related work such as code customization, theme management, and the whole design and development phase. The developer can create a website that attracts the audience you are targeting and increases your ROI.
Website Customization Services
Hiring a WordPress developer will help you conveniently customize your website in your preferred style. The customization will include selecting plugins for the website which will be great for your business. Similarly, you can decide to customize the code and the design part tailored to fit your requirement.
Flexible Hiring
The best part of hiring WordPress developers is that you can hire them on an hourly, monthly or fixed salary basis which will give you an additional benefit as you don’t have to recruit a full-time employee for this job. You can keep a regular check on their work as the developer will be reporting to you directly or indirectly.
Data Confidentiality and Security
Your data is important and it should not fall into the wrong hands. If you hire a Wordpress developer, confidentiality is taken care of as they will guarantee safety and confidentiality of your data. Also, the Wordpress development company from which you hire a Wordpress developer would have a dedicated server which is a secure place for your data.
In Conclusion
For a top-notch website, you need to hire a talented WordPress developer who has proper knowledge and experience that can be beneficial for your website’s performance and ultimately for your business. 
Here at Cogniter Technologies, we have a highly skilled team of WordPress developers that provide custom development services to assist you in achieving your business goals. Get in touch with us via our request quote form or drop an email at consultation@cogniter.com.

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4 Common Software Testing Myths that You Should Not Believe


When it comes to the topic of software testing, there are a lot of myths about it that people believe and are difficult to separate from fact. 
But, since businesses rely so intensely on platforms that need testing (websites, apps and more), it’s an important part of any software creation process. Any independent software testing company who want to provide top notch testing services to their clients utilize every bit of software testing. 

Let’s break down the five most commonly believed myths about software testing, so you have a better idea of how testing fits into development.


Myth 1: Software Testing Starts Post-Development

Testing after development (TAD) has an increased chance of delaying project delivery. On the other hand, testing driven development (TDD) caters to greater efficiency during the project development lifecycle and excellent customer experience in the end product. With TDD methods, you can realistically maintain software expectations which in turn, help developers and testers make appropriate adjustments to each stage of the development. 

Myth 2: Automation Testing Has Replaced Manual Testing

Automated testing is most efficient handling repetitive, monotonous testing, but this method cannot yet replace human insight. Manual testing is still critical for tests that are highly dependent on keen discernment or judgment. It is challenging to write automation scripts and it requires continuous maintenance and reworking as the product develops. Ideally, the best approach is to use both manual and automated testing methods.

Myth 3: Programming Knowledge is Not Required to Test Software

A complete understanding of the development process is necessary to test programs accurately. Testing includes formulating, designing, executing, and evaluating unit test results, which is a creative process and asks for a sound knowledge of programming. 
Software testers create relevant test cases for the different scenarios in a project. That is the main reason that software testing company has a number of software testers for better website execution. 

Myth 4: Testers Add No Value to the Software

There is absolutely no truth in this. The tester analyzes and understands how the entire system works from the end-to-end standpoint. Unlike the programmers who often spend most of their time working on a very specific area, function or component of the application. Testers get a better chance to demonstrate their understanding of the product in a way that adds value to the product.


In Conclusion

Testing software is an integral part of any quality product. The proper understanding of the value of testing can save software testing companies from offering a disappointing user experience, receiving bad press coverage, as well as avoiding significant financial losses.
Cogniter Technologies is an independent software testing company in India that offers full-cycle testing and quality assurance services for web, mobile, e-commerce platforms, social networks, and SaaS integrated web applications and more. Contact us to discuss your testing needs. 
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