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iPhone Game Development is More Fun in a Company


Are you an indie game iPhone game developer? Are you trying hard to create the next big indie hit? Have you been trying to do this for many months or years and still see no silver lining? If you any of these questions clicks with you, then, you probably need to change things a little.
How about joining a company that does iPhone game development?
Hold on, before you say NO. Working inside an organization can pave your way to become a sustainable indie game developer in the long run. Confused?
Indie iPhone game development company is loads of fun, and in the community, nothing is more antithetical to its core values than working in a large corporation. But keep those preconceived notions aside for a while and think rationally. There are some great benefits to work as an iPhone developer for a firm.
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Writing on a popular games blog, Gamasutra, Sarah Woodrow says that usually it takes anywhere between 3-5 years to start earning money as a full-time indie developer. Unless you are a person with deep pockets, this should be a cause for concern. But if you decide to join a company, you do not have to worry about money matters any more. You can support yourself for years and develop your game during after-office hours and weekends.
Access to Tools

As an indie iPhone game developer, you have to invest in many expensive tools merely to get going. But if you are a part of a company, you can use their tools to expand your horizons and build skills. Both of them will come handy down the line.
Team Play Matters

There is only so much you can learn on your known. It has been shown time after time that humans learn more efficiently when they are surrounded by like-minded people. You can expect your game development skills to take a boost if, instead of spending hours on end in your parents’ garage, you go out and spend your work days with experienced and talented game developers.
We can go on and on, but you get the idea: if you are an indie iPhone game developer, join a company and your financial worries will vanish and you will have access to latest and the best tools and minds.
Still not convinced? We are looking for an enthusiastic iPhone game developer. Here are the details: https://www.cogniter.com/job-details.aspx?job_id=27. Speak to us if you think your skillset matches with our requirements and you will see how important and fun it can be to work in an organization.
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