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4 Questions To Ask Your Reputation Management Service Provider

FRIDAY, MAY 03, 2019

85% of consumers take online reviews as personal recommendations!

This means you can gain your target market’s trust easily. However, negative online reviews can work the other way around.

Gaining your prospects’ trust is a challenging task. While there is a lot that goes toward nurturing leads and converting them into loyal customers, one factor can help your business spike – online reviews.
If you have decided that you cannot manage reputation management, you can always hire a reputational online reputation management services.

Before you proceed further, here are 5 questions you need to ask your reputation management service provider:

  1.  Where will they monitor your business?

Reputation management is mainly tracking all what is being said about your business in the online sphere. Since the internet is a wide place, you need to ensure from where the information is coming and on what platform. Therefore, ensuring that your business will be actively monitored is essential. Be more proactive and inquire how the service provider will track your business’s name.

Ask what reputation management strategy will they follow. Will they cover social listening or will they are going to set up Google alerts? What are their action plans to cover search results, blogs, and more that mention your business?

  1. What steps will they take to handle an issue?

Online Reputation management services have different ways of tackling issues. Some only help you monitor your reputation online and some not only monitor your brand online but also assist in managing your reputation and brand restoration as well.

Ask your service provider, what actions will they take if any issue occurs and do the damage. Control in time and protect it from happening in the future.  Such reputation issues often demand immediate attention. Therefore, a plan of action is essential.

  1.  Will they inform you about negative feedback in a timely manner?

Your customer expects a quick response from you. In fact, according to survey done in 2018 showed that 53.3% of customers expect a business to get back to them within seven days.

However, unfortunately, 63.3% of the consumers never hear back from a business after they leave a review. This means you have lost the golden opportunity of connecting with your customers by proactively responding to their reviews.
Responding to negative reviews is crucial and you need to learn how quickly your reputation management service provider can inform you of a negative review so that you can mend your relationship with your consumer on time.

 4. How will they remove existing negative content from the search engine?

As discussed above, negative reviews can affect a substantial chunk of potential sales. Thus, you cannot leave it out in the open in the browser to let it have a continual negative impact on your customers.

Ask your reputation management service provider how they plan to get rid of the negative reviews and mentions in the search results. It is crucial to learn about how negative results will be managed. Inquire in detail because your reputation would be at stake if the negative rankings show up again in the search results.

In Conclusion

Apart from these, don’t forget to question about the metrics that they will offer for tracking and the ways you will be able to trace your competitors’ online reputation.

Whether you have negative reviews, misleading comments or undesirable words in search query autocomplete suggestions, we can help by utilizing our ORM Strategy Development. We have a team of experienced writers and search engine optimization experts that collectively works to improve and protect your personal and your brand’s reputation. 

Email us at info@cogniter.com OR just fill up the form online and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.

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