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4 Things We Know About the Changes in Google’s Ad Layout


Last Friday etched itself firmly on the consciousness of many PPC experts. It was the day when Google announced that it was removing text ads from the right side bar on desktops. To compensate for the loss of space, the company will display more ads above and below organic results; there will be four ads above and three ads below.
Although it is still early to say how it is going to impact the PPC industry and businesses, we do know about a few things.

1. The Ad Layout will Change

There will be no more text ads running parallel to organic results on desktops, but Knowledge Panel and product listings remain untouched. The number of ads that appear above organic results will increase from the current three to four. Three ads will be shown after the first 10 organic search results.

2. The Change had been a Long Time in the Making

Google first experimented with the new layout way back in 2010. The purported reason is to make mobile and desktop SERPs uniform. In the past few weeks, many users reported seeing four ads above SERPs, but Google’s response was vague. Then, out of a sudden, came the announcement.

3. The Number of Ad Spaces is Down to 7 from 11

In fact, seven is the best you can get. Google says it will show seven ads on a page only for “highly commercial queries.” Although Google cites some examples, no one knows for certain how those “highly commercial queries” will be defined.

4. CPC may or may not Skyrocket

While many marketeers are worried that the latest change will send their AdWords budgets blasting through the roof, others maintain it is still too early to say.

The assistant manager of Cogniter’s Digital Marketing falls in the first category and has already told several of his clients that they may have to increase their budget. “It’s only been two days and one of my campaigns now costs 7.8 percent more.”

But another PPC expert in Cogniter is ambivalent. “I think it’s still too early to say. We need to wait for the data. It’s no use scaring the clients.”
That’s all we know about Google’s ad layout change for now. But we will keep you updated as events unfold.
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