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Customer Acquisition Tactics for Smart Marketers


The internet has opened up new avenues for marketers. Now it is possible to reach out to customers sitting as far as Argentina or New Zealand, provided you are using the right marketing techniques.

Digital marketers have a range of tools at their disposal. If they make use of only three or four of them well, they can boost revenues and improve sales.
This blog suggests four customer acquisition tactics that smart marketers can use to bring in more customers and bring in more business:
SEO (search engine optimization) is both an art and a science. It involves data analysis to find out what people are looking for and then figure out how you can utilize this knowledge to bring traffic (internet visitors) to your website.
Let’s assume you own a business selling ‘blue widgets’. You can make your website come on top when people search for “blue widgets” in your region. Google and Bing publish guidelines for webmasters. The guidelines tell you how white hat (fair) SEO can help your website dominate the internet.
PPC stands for pay per click. Here, you pay Google or Bing every time your ad placed on these search engines brings a new visitor to your website. PPC helps you increase the number of potential customers visiting your website in a small time.
Email marketing
Do not listen to those who say email marketing is dead. It is alive, and it is thriving. The key is to do it well and as per the anti-spamming rules.

For instance, do not inundate the people in your email list with unnecessary mails. Instead, focus on adding value in their lives. Convey it to them how your product or service can help them. If you are doing this more receivers will certainly read your mail.
Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a very powerful tool to improve the number of visitors and boost sales. In this method, you team up with affiliate marketers, who use a variety of techniques to build your business. The best part of this method is that you pay only for results. You do not have to pay if there are no sales.
Digital marketing has revolutionized how selling is done. If you sell over the internet, you can use SEO, Pay per Click Services, email marketing, and affiliate marketing to increase revenues and build your business.
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