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Four Skills Every iPad App Developer Needs to Acquire in 2016


As iPad app development continues to expand, new trends are emerging and old ones are going into oblivion. The change is so fast that a programming paradigm or a tool that was popular last year may not even cut it this year’s standards for mobile app development. Amid all this change, developers—in an effort to be relevant—are constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve. The task is hard, but not undoable. And Cogniter is here to make this easier for you.
In this first blog post of the year, Cogniter’s iOS development team shares with you three trends every iOS developer should be aware of in 2016. Without further ado, let’s dive in:

Rapid iPad App Development

With each passing year, businesses are losing patience and trying to launch new applications as quickly as they can. Thankfully, a number of new tools make this possible. As an iOS developer, you should learn these tools.

Development for the Cloud

Cloud is the buzzword for the day. The technology makes it possible to access data from a single source into multiple mobile devices. Understandably, data-heavy firms want their new iPad apps to work in the cloud.

HTML5 Integration

If it ever was, functionality is no longer the only success criterion. Modern apps need to have amazing designs and layouts, which are possible through HTML5. As an iOS developer, add learning HTML5 to your New Year’s resolutions’ list.


Game development for iOS is expanding like wild fire. There are so many opportunities in the field that it is hard to grasp their real size. So if you want to earn some big money in 2016, learn some game programming for the iPhone and the iPad. It will pay you off handsomely.
To sum up, iPad app development is a fast-changing field. To remain relevant, you have to continue to learn new skills, which at the turn of this year mean: gaming, HTML5, cloud programming and rapid development.
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