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How to Increase ROI through Social Media Campaigns?


Eighty-six percent marketers believe social media marketing is a crucial component of their business. Forty-six percent of them are planning to increase their the money they spend on Facebook and content marketing this year. Social media is taking the business world by the storm. And the trend is here to last. Being a marketer, you cannot overlook it. In fact the question is not whether you should get involved in online advertising or not, but how to improve the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.
This blog suggests four ways to make your online advertising more effective:
  • An image is worth a thousand words
People love images. Many companies have reported a 150 percent increase in retweets after they started including images into their messages. Twitter is a popular platform for broadcasting short messages with eye-catching photographs.
  • Good authorship counts
Whether you are an advertiser or a writer, make sure all your online advertising campaigns are linked to your Google+ profile. Although there is little evidence that it works, it is worth a try; especially when it costs next-to-nothing to tell Google you are the author.
  • Discounts are awesome
Everyone loves discounts. If you are running a discount on your products and services, let everyone know. But make sure you do not go overboard by offering what you cannot afford.
  • Combine your efforts
Although online marketing is effective, its potency increases manifold if you combine your efforts and support it with offline meetups and other strategies.
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