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Top 3 Mobile App UI Design Trends That You Should Know


Mobile app designs are changing and evolving with each passing day. Now, it is not just about great functionality anymore. People expect apps to be innovative, smartly designed and offering flawless UI & UX features. 
Flawless user experience is the key to make your mobile app design a success. You need to grasp the trends that are ruling the market and incorporate them into your mobile app UI designing process to give your end-user with a valuable, relevant and personalized experience.   
We have compiled our top 3 mobile app UI design trends that you should be aware of: 

Overlapping Visuals

Overlapping visuals comprises of layered images, graphics, illustrations, and text paired with bold colors to give the user a spellbinding and memorable visual experience. This trend is currently followed by many UI designers, websites and mobile apps. It smoothly enhances UI designs, delivery of clear brand messages, therefore making interfaces more delightful for the end-user.
The end goal of putting these design techniques is to instantly engage and attract the users, encouraging them to stay on your app or web page.


Functional Animation

Functional animation is subtly embedded in UI design that generally displays moving elements surrounding an icon, logo, or an image, to draw attention towards that particular area. It makes it easy for the user to navigate the app by leaving visual hints completing users to explore the page further. In other words, functional animations energize an app, infuse life in graphics, button or any function that in turn make the user stay on the app for longer. 

Full-Screen Backgrounds

Covered with photos, videos or specifically furnished visualizations, full-screen backgrounds make an app alluring and user-friendly as they got fully engrossed towards the screen. When there are no distractions and the user’s entire screen is filled with an exceptional, high-resolution image, the user will enjoy this streamlined experience making them glued to your app screen. This has certainly given the boost to include the UI designing component in mobile app design and has become a popular trend of 2019.

Bottom Line 

The above-mentioned three trends will potentially optimize user experiences by providing smooth browsing, encouraging lingering time, streamlining navigation and increasing the interaction level. 
Cogniter Technologies provides top-notch UI Designing services. Design your app with best user interface designer, increase your user interaction and boost drive sales. 
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