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Top 4 Benefits of Using Joomla for Your Website Development


Joomla has become one of the most widely used open source content management systems. All you need is a skilled and experienced team of Joomla website developers to help you in the process. 
Joomla has earned a good reputation and large user base in quite a short span of time due to its amazing features and functionalities. Joomla provides you the platform where you can design corporate websites, highly interactive multi-lingual websites, media portals, blogs and e-commerce applications, and other publications. 


Out of the numerous benefits of using Joomla for website development, few main are listed below:


1. Easy and Time-Saving 

If you think it requires extensive knowledge of CSS, PHP or HTML to use Joomla to create websites, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Making a website with Joomla is very easy and saves your time significantly. It has an easy to use control panel. You can edit text online, add images and set keywords. It also gives the power to edit menu items in real time. It is easy to prepare a whole new section of a website, and once it is set to be launched, you need to go to the Menu Manager and publish it from there.


2. Flexible and Interactive 

With Joomla, there is a great scope for customization. If you want your website to have some distinctive features, you can achieve that with Joomla’s wide range of extensions. 
Joomla owns more than 8000 Joomla extensions. You can add social media widgets onto your website to integrate social networking, with the Joomla extension. If you want to focus on consumer feedback and need to create several customizable forms, you can easily do that with Joomla extensions. There is just no limit to how functional and interactive you can make your website with Joomla.


3. Large User Community

Did you know that Joomla has a community of over 200 000 users? 
What this means is that if you are facing any issue, you can take help from people (from the Joomla community) who have used this CMS. Remember, anything you are facing right now has already been faced and solved by them. Joomla community is usually very active, that is the reason everything is detected very quickly and uploaded on its forum be it any loopholes, updates, security concerns, software bugs or any other issues. 

4. SEO Friendly

Joomla is SEO friendly, and one of the main benefits is that Search Engine Friendly URLs are built in it. Initially, you had to enable the URLs in order for them to get you better SEO rankings. However, this option is available by default since Joomla 1.6.
You have the freedom to choose your own Meta keywords and Meta description of your web pages, which in turn improves your SEO. The bottom line is that Joomla allows you to perform basic SEO yourself. 

In Conclusion

With the benefits shared above, it is clear that Joomla is a great choice for website design and development. If you want an effective and captivating website for your business, then it is highly recommended that you choose Joomla CMS and get Joomla website developers to help you build the website of your imagination.
If you have any query regarding Joomla website development or to hire Joomla website developers, you can contact Cogniter Technologies, the leading Robust Joomla Website Development providing Joomla website development services for more than 15 years. Write to us at consultation@cogniter.com and we will revert back as soon as possible. 
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