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Why is it Time Now to Hire an Affordable SEO Services Provider?


Firefox has just dropped a bomb. After years of partnership with Google, the world’s third most popular — behind Google Chrome and Internet Explorer — browser has announced that it’ll team up with Yahoo to provide search. Starting from next year, Yahoo will be the default search engine in Firefox. Although Google will stay as an alternative, along with Bing and DuckDuckGo, Yahoo is likely to gain significantly from the 100 billion searches Firefox users make each year.
Time will tell if Firefox, whose market share has been declining for quite some time, had made a right decision by striking this deal with Yahoo, a beleaguered search portal, but internet marketers and businesses can’t afford to wait.
The world of SEO changes fast. The Firefox decision is a wake-up call for both businesses and SEO professionals, who had limited their work to targeting Google-users. It’s time now to focus on alternatives, such as Bing and Yahoo.
Bing is growing its market share in the U.S. and other countries and if the deal with Firefox goes out well, Yahoo is poised to grow immensely. Internet marketers can no longer afford to overlook these high-potential giants, wherein lies many opportunities for businesses.
If you haven’t done it yet, it’s the right time to contact an affordable SEO services provider and ask them how they can help you grow your business amid the fast-changing electronic landscape. If you decide to wait until Yahoo has become a force to reckon with once again, it might be too late.
For all the changes that searching engine marketing has witnessed in the past few years, SEO remains its vital part. Many businesses lack the expertise and resources to do SEO themselves. A win-win strategy for them is to partner with an affordable SEO services provider and focus on their core strength — their business
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