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You Need More than Content for Successful SEO

FRIDAY, APRIL 08, 2016

“Content is king” is such a common slogan that it’s become a cliché. It’s rare to find a digital marketing professional who hasn’t either used or heard it. It’s thrown as the panacea every time someone enquires about the secret of successful SEO. But is such attention to content worth it?
“To me, content deserves the reputation that’s been built around it,” says Gary Singh, the manager of Cogniter’s Digital Marketing Team. “But let’s not confuse ‘content is important’ with ‘content is all you need.’”
If old myths are any indication, humans love to exaggerate. The focus on content is not an exception. Just because it plays a pivotal role in any SEO strategy, we tend to think that publishing quality content is all we need to be successful. It simply isn’t true.
“More than two million blog posts are published everyday,” says Cogniter’s Social Media Marketing Expert, Annie Kaushal. “It’s reasonable to suppose that many of them are the result of dozens of hours of hard work and are worth reading. But do they get the publicity, readership and results they were written for? I don’t think they do.”
Nearly half—a million by the current count—of blog posts fail to capture even eight shares. That’s failure on an epic scale. But why does it happen?
“When businesses publish blog, they think quality will attract readers and it’ll be spring again,” says Cogniter’s PPC Expert, Russell Dawra. “If only the world were that simple.”
Most businesses publish a piece of content and share it with potential readers on social media. Although essential, it isn’t the only thing they need to succeed. they need something else.
“In our times, promotion is the name of the game,” says Tammy Gupta, Content Manager at Cogniter. “You need to write well—don’t think you can make any compromises there—and you need to promote your work effectively. There isn’t an alternative.”
There are so many ways to promote your content that it’ll be difficult to list them all here. But if you’re genuinely interested in insider’s knowledge, you can write to our experts to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation call. It’ll change the way you look at the content’s role in SEO.
Feel free to contact us through Skype-ID:Cogniter or info@cogniter.com
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