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5 Ways to Optimize Your Video for Search


In the last few years, video marketing has become immensely popular with businesses to get the desired attraction towards their services.
The reality is that today, we can not even browse the internet without seeing a video. With the explosion of video, it has become much harder to get ranked in the universal search results online.
Getting higher rank with your video on universal search requires your website to be authoritative and you also need to make sure that it is video-focused and ranks well for video-related queries. Your Off-Page SEO Internet Marketing strategy should include videos as well. 

For better results, optimize your video search with 5 ways mentioned below: 


Define the Goal and Choose the Right Hosting Platform 

When choosing your video hosting platform, you will need to consider the reasons why you want your videos to rank. For instance If you are less concerned about getting traffic to your website, and more focused on general brand awareness, YouTube and Vimeo may be better options to explore.
If gaining on-site traffic that brings conversion is your prime goal, then exploring alternative hosting platforms would be an ideal choice. 

Insert a Video Transcript with Targeted Keywords

Video transcript is the text that is paired along with the video. When you scroll through your Facebook feed, you likely see several videos with this text alongside the video. It makes you able to get to know what the video is about and here you can even add your SEO keywords. 
Video transcripts make your videos more accessible to a larger audience as they make your videos more layered by search bots since there is additional text on the page.

Create Title and Description of Your Video Carefully

Just like for a blog post, the title and Meta description play an important factor into ranking videos. Spend time crafting an engaging video title and description. Do a proper keyword research to ensure you are targeting keywords that people are actually searching for. At the same time, don’t just stuff the title and description with loads of keywords.
Just check if it is clickable or interesting and then process with those who agree with your requirements.  

Embed the Targeted Video on the Page First

Google typically indexes only one video per page, so if you are including multiple videos on a page, ensure that video you want to get ranked is first.
The search engine crawlers usually stop crawling for videos after that first video. Hence, having multiple videos on the page is probably not the best idea if you are trying to optimize for one video specifically. Keeping the page focused around that video will ensure it receives the traction it deserves. 


Make the Video the Focus of the Page

Time and time again, it has been observed that websites usually put video below the fold so users have to scroll and scroll and scroll until they finally land on the video. This naturally leads to low play rates because people don’t want to go out of their way to hunt down the video. Search crawlers also are unlikely to go out of their way to index a hidden video. The best way to increase your video’s crawlability factor is to make it the FOCUS of the page.


Do NOT Rely Solely on SEO to Promote Your Video

SEO Internet Marketing is helpful but you can not rely on it entirely. Google is constantly changing their algorithms, video is evolving at a lightning-speed pace, and relying on search bots to rank your videos is not a consistent strategy to guarantee views on your videos. SEO is hard to control, and moreover it is constantly changing. So, if you are truly looking to get more clicks and eyes on your video, investing in paid video advertising is a strategic route. For that you can hire a PPC Company in India.



Visual elements are important from an SEO perceptive and are also vital for making your content more interesting and readable.
Cogniter Technologies is one of the leading Internet Marketing SEO Company in India that offer strategic campaigns and a range of video search optimization services to give your business a number of benefits. 
Contact us if you are looking for more information on Video Optimization Services OR Offshore SEO Services.
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