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5 Ways to Revamp Your PPC Ad Campaign Strategy


If you're not seeing the results from your paid ads, it's time to rethink your strategy moving forward.
You already have done a lot to bring the most fruitful result out of your PPC campaigns. Now, it’s time to start fresh with your entire effort. A few changes could help you spice up your entire PPC campaign. 
Or you can hire an offshore PPC management company that uses sophisticated services to boost your leads and revenue.
Meanwhile, apply these 5 ways to your PPC campaign to turn non-working paid ads into effective lead generators: 

1) Upgrade Your Ad Copy 

The success of your campaign likely depends on how improvised and your optimized your ad copy is. Upgrading your ad copy and making it more relevant and catchy ultimately leads to better PPC campaign performance, driving more sales and increasing conversions. Perform an audit to find if the ad copy is still effective or some updates are required. 

2) Work on Your Bidding Strategy

Making the required changes to your bidding strategy is another way your PPC campaign can be revived. Review bidding rules to improve your bidding strategy for better reach of your ads. Go deeper through your PPC ad campaigns to determine where improvement is needed. Don’t hesitate to create new rules that align with your advertising goals.

3) Review Your Converting Keywords

Reviewing your keyword is another great idea for rejuvenating your campaign. Create a keyword list of highly relevant keyword terms that are in the account. You can also incorporate more keyword terms into the account to align with the voice search as well. Take help of the Google keyword tool to ensure all match types are in accounts.


4) Review Your Audiences

Next step is to review your audience. Take time before adding an audience to your list. Adding a whole bunch of audiences could affect your campaign delivery. An ideal step would be to choose audiences wisely and build them slowly. Use bid modifiers to add audience. Once you have enough data to play with, you can then make changes to the bid modifier.

5) Retarget Over And Over 

Before re-targeting, you must first identify which actions you are going to re-target your visitors with.  If people bounce away from your landing page after clicking on your ad, you need to re-target them with a fresh message and a different value proposition.  You may also re-target someone who begins to fill out your opt-in contact form but doesn't complete it, to remind them of the benefits the will receive when they sign up. 

In Conclusion

If your PPC ad Campaign is not performing well, do not wait around by continuing to spend money and time over and over on something that isn’t giving desired results. These 5 methods provided can help you get the targeted, pre-qualified traffic you need to succeed. 
Working with an experienced offshore PPC management company can start to change your traffic stats for the better in just hours after launching your PPC Ad campaign.  As your leading digital marketing agency, we at Cogniter Technologies possess a pristine clear understanding of your requirements. Our PPC services are designed to meet your business objectives.
 If you are curious about our PPC services, write to us on consultation@cogniter.com and we will be happy to provide a non-committal analysis free.
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