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7 Powerful Mobile App Marketing Tools to Hit the Top Spot On Search Results


The app store is full of great apps, but only the best ones get discovered. If your app isn’t on the top charts in Google Play or the App Store, then you may not get as many downloads as you could. This means that you need to make sure that your mobile app is optimized for search and gets found by users who are looking for similar apps with similar features. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there that can help with this process!

The top 7 App Store Optimization tools to help you get discovered through search

If you’re looking for a way to get your app discovered by new users, then look no further than the top 7 App Store Optimization tools. These apps help you gain additional visibility and generate more downloads in the App Store.

These tools can be used by anyone looking to improve their rankings on search results pages (SERPs). They allow users to enter keywords into their app description or title that will increase how often they appear in organic searches – as well as boost their rank on Google Play and other platforms where people search for apps related to those keywords.
So let's take a look at these top 7 App Store Optimization tools:


Appfigures is a tool that provides app store optimization (ASO) data for your mobile app. The free trial includes access to all of the features in the paid version, but at $99 per month, it's not exactly cheap.

Appfigures offers a variety of services including keyword tracking, which helps you identify potential keywords and phrases. It could be further used be used in search engine queries related to your apps, device compatibility reports, crash reports, APK analysis, recommendations for improving user experience, and more.

App Annie

App Annie is a tool that lets you track and analyze app store data. It provides detailed data on app store rankings, downloads, and revenue. In addition to all of this, App Annie also provides some of the most comprehensive information about trends in the mobile app market.

App Annie is paid service but it's worth it because their insights can help you make informed decisions about your future marketing plans for your apps.

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a mobile app intelligence platform that provides data and analytics for the mobile ecosystem. It helps you track, analyze and optimize your mobile apps.

Sensor Tower provides in-depth market data, including app rankings, reviews, ratings, price changes, downloads, revenue, and more.

Mobile Action

Mobile Action is a mobile app marketing platform that lets you optimize your apps for the App Store, Google Play, and Apple TV. With their tools, you can do all of these things:
• Access to an app store optimization tool that helps you improve your ranking in the App Store
• Access to an app store data tool that shows how many downloads each version of your app has received so far (and how many new users are signing up every day)
• An overview of what people are searching for when they search for "what my best way" or similar terms related to your brand name or product type
• An audit of where you rank on Google Play based on keyword queries like "best way", which shows exactly where else people might be looking first if they're not finding what they want at first glance
• A real-time analysis system that provides insights into how users interact with various parts of their experience inside their apps

App Radar

App Radar is a mobile app marketing platform that helps app developers increase downloads, revenue, and user engagement. The tool provides tools to optimize your campaign, track its performance in the store, and analyze data to identify areas for improvement.

It also gives you insights into how users are using your app and what they're saying about it. With this information, you can improve your app's design or features based on what users want most out of it--and do so at scale!


SearchMan is a keyword research tool for app stores. It can help you find keywords that have been searched for in the app stores, as well as those that are not being searched for, but would be useful for your app.

You can use it to rank higher on Google Play and the App Store by finding new keywords and optimizing your listing with them.

ASOdesk / TheTool

ASOdesk and TheTool are two of the most popular app store optimization tools currently available. Both have free versions and paid versions, which offer different features.

ASOdesk has more features than TheTool, but it also costs more money (starting at $299 per month). If you have a small budget to work with and don’t need all of the bells and whistles that ASOdesk offers, then I recommend checking out their free trial first before purchasing either service!


Using app store optimization tools to help you get discovered through search is a great way to increase your visibility in the app stores. These tools can also help you understand how people discover apps and what they're looking for, which can help guide your marketing strategy.
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