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How Can Investors Make Money Selling Mobile Games in the App Store?


Making money from mobile gaming is tough. Your game—if it somehow manages to stand out from hundreds of thousands of other games—is unlikely recoup your investment. The average game on the App Store sells for only US $0.57. Although there are some highly profile instances of games—Game of War – Fire Age and Clash of Clans—raking in more than a million dollars in 2016, they are more of an exception than the rule. But that does not mean the gaming scene is all-gloomy for an investor like you.
We are into iPad and iPhone game development for 7 years. We know a thing or two about what works and what does not. And our experience tells us that you can make a decent income from investing in games if keep your costs down and never lose sight of the limitations of a mobile gaming device.

An iPad or iPhone is Not Your Game Console

Many investors—even those who boasted of their record of picking up successful games for PCs and consoles—have learned it the bitter way that mobile gaming is different.
A mobile is not designed to capture your attention for more than a few minutes. Although you can play complicated, strategy games on your Apple devices for hours on end, few gamers do it.
Just look at the top grossing games in the App Store. Almost all of them are casuals, or simpler to play than PC or console games. What does that mean for you?
Developing overly complex games for a mobile device is unlikely to produce a hit. The main reason mobile games are so popular is that they do not demand focused attention over long periods of time.
So the next time you go in search for a mobile game development company, tell it to create simple but engaging games that can be enjoyed in the subway, during a lunch break and virtually anywhere.

A Way to Up Profits is to Reduce Costs

You cannot see the success of your iOS game in a crystal ball. So play it safe and keep costs low.
Hiring a game developer in North America and much of Europe will cost you anywhere from $50 an hour to $150 an hour or even more. Assuming that your game needs 1000 hours of work, you can embrace yourself for throwing in anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 on a game whose success you cannot predict with certainty. This is a risky proposition, especially if you are new to investing in games.
A safer alternative is to hire a mobile game development company from India. It can bring down costs by a factor of 10. Not only that, it can increase your chance of success because you can try out more ideas without exceeding your budget.


It is hard to make money from selling mobile games, but not impossible. You can earn a decent return on your investment if you create simple but engaging games and outsource the development work to India where development costs are low.
Cogniter Technologies has been into iPhone game development for 7 years. It has created several popular apps for its clients in the U.S., Canada, Europe and other countries. Its skilled iOS developers can create the App Store hit for you. You can contact the company through email or telephone.
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