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STOP Using These 5 Outdated Digital Marketing Techniques


You all will agree with the fact that things move at lightning speed in the digital world. New trends, techniques and practices appear every other day, which means what worked for your business last year might not work this year effectively. 
That said if your business is not yielding desired results then you are one of them who are still relying on old marketing techniques and it is time to check and update your online digital marketing game.   

Here are 5 common, yet outdated, digital marketing techniques that businesses still follow, but should stop using immediately:


Keywords Stuffing 

Gone are the days when marketers could create a lot of invaluable content and stuff repetitive keywords in them to get top position in search results. However, now things have changed drastically and Google discards the content that is plainly written for the sake of stuffing keywords in them. Instead, you should focus on proper keyword selection with a content that brings actual value to users. 

Irrelevant Content

Content is NOT king. In fact, relevant content is the real king. Any digital marketing company today thinks that producing more and more content will bring leads. But, in reality, by feeding too much information will make viewers feel overwhelmed. Your ultimate goal should be educating the audience first and sell secondly. Therefore, choose quality over quantity and create less but useful content.


Automated Marketing 

You must get annoyed every time you receive an email that doesn’t offer any personalization and is automated. With this knowledge, it will be trashed immediately and most likely blocked by the potential customers. Same is the case with automated twitter messages. You need to build a positive relationship with your consumers which will come by engaging and paying attention to them, rather than damaging your brand and annoying your potential customers.

Social Media Overdose 

If you don’t want to lose your customers then it is time to stop creating self-promoting posts on your social media channels. Direct promotion activities on social media will only result in your social media channel being blocked or unfollowed since many consider it as spam. Try generating engaging content relevant to your product or services, instead to earn brownie points and keep your audience engaged. You can hire SEM expert to get better-customized results. 


Link Sharing 

Link exchange was a nice practice for the common benefit of a team of webmasters but has become unfavorable for your marketing strategy in recent years. Although sharing links between two related websites is still not completely out of fashion, overdoing it or reciprocating links may be looked upon as fake by Google algorithm. Sharing relevant content on social media wisely to develop meaningful and relatable partnerships will get you a more genuine consumer base.

In Conclusion 

Everything comes with an expiry date and the online digital marketing strategies are no exception. Therefore, marketers need to stay updated on the latest trends and incorporate a digital marketing plan that will impact your buyers and gain their attention.
Cogniter Technologies, the best digital marketing agency in India, can help you create a solid marketing strategy that is current, productive and result-oriented. Our digital marketing services cover almost everything including- SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing and more. 
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